Man pages for LS2W
Locally Stationary Two-Dimensional Wavelet Process Estimation Scheme

AExamples of textured images
A2nameReturn a D2Amat list object style name.
AvBasis.wst2DPerform basis averaging for (packet-ordered) 2D non-decimated...
cddewsCompute the local wavelet spectrum estimate
cdtoimwdConvert a cddews type object to an imwd type object
convert.imwdConvert a non-decimated imwd object to a wst2D object.
D1AmatInner product matrix of ac wavelets(1-D)
D2ACWCompute 2-D discrete autocorrelation wavelets.
D2ACWmatCompute 2-D discrete autocorrelation wavelets but return in...
D2AmatCreates the A matrix required for analysing LS2W processes.
D2autoplotPlots a two-dimensional autocorrelation wavelet.
DWEnvEnvironment containing precomputed objects.
example.ls2wExample of how the LS2W package can be used in texture...
getdataExtracts detail coefficients from imwd object
Haar2MA.diagGenerate 2-D Haar MA process (diagonal/vertical/horizontal...
Haar2MA.horizGenerate 2-D Haar MA process (horizontal direction).
Haar2MA.vertGenerate 2-D Haar MA process (vertical direction).
HaarMontageGenerate a 2-D Haar MA process.
imwdTwo-dimensional wavelet transform (decomposition).
imwr.imwdInverse two-dimensional discrete wavelet transform.
LS2W-packageEstimates the locally stationary wavelet spectrum for locally...
LS2WsimGeneric method for simulation of LS2W processes
LS2Wsim.cddewsSimulate an LS2W process with underlying Daubechies wavelet.
packetjConverts an imwd object to a wst2D object at a given level.
Phi1DnameReturn a PhiJ list object style name.
PhiJCompute discrete autocorrelation scaling function.
print.cddewsPrint out information about a cddews object in readable form.
Psi1DnameReturn a PsiJ list object style name.
Psi2DnameReturn a D2ACW list object style name.
PsiJCompute discrete autocorrelation wavelets.
sample.statsA function to calculate sample statistics for textured images...
specplotPlot the LWP associated with a cddews object
summary.cddewsUse summary on a cddews object
threshold.imwdThreshold two-dimensional wavelet decomposition object
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