specplot: Plot the LWP associated with a cddews object

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Plot the LWP associated with a cddews object


This function displays the LWP associated with a cddews object, allowing the user to dictate display type.


specplot(cddews, scaling = "by.level", arrangement = c(3, 3), page = TRUE, 
dataname = "Image", verbose =  FALSE, display = "persp", reset = TRUE, wtitle="TRUE")



An object of class cddews must be supplied to the function.


Two scaling options are available. The default setting is to scale "by.level" – an option which is useful if you wish to compare coefficients within a resolution level. The alternative setting is global, whereby one scale factor is chosen for all plots. This factor depends on the largest coefficient which is to be included in the suite of plots.


Allows the user to specify the number of spectral plots which are to appear on any given page.


An argument which allows the user to request that they be prompted when a new page of plots appears. Two options are available: TRUE or FALSE.


A name for the image whose LWP is being displayed. This will appear as part of the title associated with each plot.


If set to TRUE certain informative statements are printed to screen during execution.


Two display methods are available. Using the option display="persp" displays a 3-dimensional plot of the LWP, using the routine persp. The option display="image" displays the LWP as a collection of images.


If set to TRUE, this restores the plot settings to their default configuration (i.e. par(mfrow=c(1,1))). If FALSE, then the current settings will remain in operation.


A logical variable which dictates whether a common title is displayed on all spectral plots.


No value is returned.


Idris Eckley


Eckley, I.A., Nason, G.P. and Treloar, R.L. (2010) Locally stationary wavelet fields with application to the modelling and analysis of image texture. Journal of the Royal Statistical Society (Series C), 59, 595 - 616.

Eckley, I.A. and Nason, G.P. (2011). LS2W: Implementing the Locally Stationary 2D Wavelet Process Approach in R, Journal of Statistical Software, 43(3), 1-23. URL http://www.jstatsoft.org/v43/i03/.

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# First let us create a textured image and create a cddews object.
## Not run: 
monty <- HaarMontage(direction="diagonal")
monty.cddews <- cddews(monty, filter.number=1, family="DaubExPhase")
# Finally let's view this using a perspective plot.
specplot(monty.cddews, display = "persp")

## End(Not run)

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