Man pages for LambertW
Probabilistic Models to Analyze and Gaussianize Heavy-Tailed, Skewed Data

analyze_convergenceAnalyze convergence of Lambert W estimators
beta-utilsUtilities for parameter vector beta of the input distribution
bootstrapBootstrap Lambert W x F estimates
common-argumentsCommon arguments for several functions
delta_01Input parameters to get zero mean, unit variance output given...
delta_GMMEstimate delta
delta_TaylorEstimate of delta by Taylor approximation
deprecated-functionsList of deprecated functions
distname-utilsUtilities for distributions supported in this package
estimate-momentsSkewness and kurtosis
gamma_01Input parameters to get a zero mean, unit variance output for...
gamma_GMMEstimate gamma
gamma_TaylorEstimate gamma by Taylor approximation
GaussianizeGaussianize matrix-like objects
G_delta_alphaHeavy tail transformation for Lambert W random variables
get_gamma_boundsGet bounds for gamma
get_inputBack-transform Y to X
get_outputTransform input X to output Y
get_supportComputes support for skewed Lambert W x F distributions
H_gammaH transformation with gamma
IGMMIterative Generalized Method of Moments - IGMM
ks_test_tOne-sample Kolmogorov-Smirnov test for student-t distribution
LambertW_fit-methodsMethods for Lambert W\times F estimates
LambertW_input_output-methodsMethods for Lambert W input and output objects
LambertW-packageR package for Lambert W \times F distributions
LambertW-toolkitDo-it-yourself toolkit for Lambert W \times F distribution
LambertW-utilsUtilities for Lambert W \times F Random Variables
loglik-LambertW-utilsLog-Likelihood for Lambert W\times F RVs
lp_normlp norm of a vector
medcouple_estimatorMedCouple Estimator
MLE_LambertWMaximum Likelihood Estimation for Lambert W \times F...
p_m1Non-principal branch probability
tau-utilsUtilities for transformation vector tau
test_normalityVisual and statistical Gaussianity check
test_symmetryTest symmetry based on Lambert W heavy tail(s)
theta-utilsUtilities for the parameter vector of Lambert W\times F...
U-utilsZero-mean, unit-variance version of standard distributions
WLambert W function, its logarithm and derivative
W_deltaInverse transformation for heavy-tail Lambert W RVs
W_gammaInverse transformation for skewed Lambert W RVs
xexpTransformation that defines the Lambert W function and its...
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