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Collection of datasets in this package.

The Australian athletes dataset (AA) were collected in a study of how data on various characteristics of the blood varied with sport body size and sex of the athlete.

The SolarFlares data are 12,773 observations of peak gamma-ray intensity of solar flares recorded from Feb, 1980 - Dec, 1989. It was analyzed for power-law properties in Clauset et al. (2009) and comes originally from Dennis et al. (1991). Thanks to the authors for giving permission to include the dataset in this package.


AA is a data.frame with 13 columns and 202 rows. See ais dataset in the DAAG package for details.


AA was the basis for the analyses that are reported in Telford and Cunningham (1991).

Resources on the SolarFlares dataset can be found at:

See also References.


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Clauset, A., C. R. Shalizi, and M. E. J. Newman (2009). “Power-law distributions in empirical data”. SIAM Review 51, 661-703 (2009). See also

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