LaplacesDemon: Complete Environment for Bayesian Inference

Provides a complete environment for Bayesian inference using a variety of different samplers (see ?LaplacesDemon for an overview). The README describes the history of the package development process.

Install the latest version of this package by entering the following in R:
AuthorByron Hall [aut], Martina Hall [aut], Statisticat, LLC [aut], Eric Brown [ctb], Richard Hermanson [ctb], Emmanuel Charpentier [ctb], Henrik Singmann [cre]
Date of publication2016-07-17 18:25:50
MaintainerHenrik Singmann <>
LicenseMIT + file LICENSE

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Man pages

ABB: Approximate Bayesian Bootstrap

AcceptanceRate: Acceptance Rate

as.covar: Proposal Covariance

as.initial.values: Initial Values

as.parm.names: Parameter Names

as.ppc: As Posterior Predictive Check

BayesFactor: Bayes Factor

BayesianBootstrap: The Bayesian Bootstrap

BayesTheorem: Bayes' Theorem

BigData: Big Data

Blocks: Blocks

BMK.Diagnostic: BMK Convergence Diagnostic

burnin: Burn-in

caterpillar.plot: Caterpillar Plot

CenterScale: Centering and Scaling

Combine: Combine Demonoid Objects

cond.plot: Conditional Plots

Consort: Consort with Laplace's Demon

CSF: Cumulative Sample Function

data.demonchoice: Demon Choice Data Set

data.demonfx: Demon FX Data Set

data.demonsessions: Demon Sessions Data Set

data.demonsnacks: Demon Snacks Data Set

data.demontexas: Demon Space-Time Data Set

deburn: De-Burn

de.Finetti.Game: de Finetti's Game

dist.Asymmetric.Laplace: Asymmetric Laplace Distribution: Univariate

dist.Asymmetric.Log.Laplace: Asymmetric Log-Laplace Distribution

dist.Asymmetric.Multivariate.Laplace: Asymmetric Multivariate Laplace Distribution

dist.Bernoulli: Bernoulli Distribution

dist.Categorical: Categorical Distribution

dist.ContinuousRelaxation: Continuous Relaxation of a Markov Random Field Distribution

dist.Dirichlet: Dirichlet Distribution

dist.Generalized.Pareto: Generalized Pareto Distribution

dist.Generalized.Poisson: Generalized Poisson Distribution

dist.HalfCauchy: Half-Cauchy Distribution

dist.HalfNorm: Half-Normal Distribution

dist.Halft: Half-t Distribution

dist.Horseshoe: Horseshoe Distribution

dist.HuangWand: Huang-Wand Distribution

dist.Inverse.Beta: Inverse Beta Distribution

dist.Inverse.ChiSquare: (Scaled) Inverse Chi-Squared Distribution

dist.Inverse.Gamma: Inverse Gamma Distribution

dist.Inverse.Gaussian: Inverse Gaussian Distribution

dist.Inverse.Matrix.Gamma: Inverse Matrix Gamma Distribution

dist.Inverse.Wishart: Inverse Wishart Distribution

dist.Inverse.Wishart.Cholesky: Inverse Wishart Distribution: Cholesky Parameterization

dist.Laplace: Laplace Distribution: Univariate Symmetric

dist.Laplace.Mixture: Mixture of Laplace Distributions

dist.Laplace.Precision: Laplace Distribution: Precision Parameterization

dist.LASSO: LASSO Distribution

dist.Log.Laplace: Log-Laplace Distribution: Univariate Symmetric

dist.Log.Normal.Precision: Log-Normal Distribution: Precision Parameterization

dist.Matrix.Gamma: Matrix Gamma Distribution

dist.Matrix.Normal: Matrix Normal Distribution

dist.Multivariate.Cauchy: Multivariate Cauchy Distribution

dist.Multivariate.Cauchy.Cholesky: Multivariate Cauchy Distribution: Cholesky Parameterization

dist.Multivariate.Cauchy.Precision: Multivariate Cauchy Distribution: Precision Parameterization

dist.Multivariate.Cauchy.Precision.Cholesky: Multivariate Cauchy Distribution: Precision-Cholesky...

dist.Multivariate.Laplace: Multivariate Laplace Distribution

dist.Multivariate.Laplace.Cholesky: Multivariate Laplace Distribution: Cholesky Parameterization

dist.Multivariate.Normal: Multivariate Normal Distribution

dist.Multivariate.Normal.Cholesky: Multivariate Normal Distribution: Cholesky Parameterization

dist.Multivariate.Normal.Precision: Multivariate Normal Distribution: Precision Parameterization

dist.Multivariate.Normal.Precision.Cholesky: Multivariate Normal Distribution: Precision-Cholesky...

dist.Multivariate.Polya: Multivariate Polya Distribution

dist.Multivariate.Power.Exponential: Multivariate Power Exponential Distribution

dist.Multivariate.Power.Exponential.Cholesky: Multivariate Power Exponential Distribution: Cholesky...

dist.Multivariate.t: Multivariate t Distribution

dist.Multivariate.t.Cholesky: Multivariate t Distribution: Cholesky Parameterization

dist.Multivariate.t.Precision: Multivariate t Distribution: Precision Parameterization

dist.Multivariate.t.Precision.Cholesky: Multivariate t Distribution: Precision-Cholesky...

dist.Normal.Inverse.Wishart: Normal-Inverse-Wishart Distribution

dist.Normal.Laplace: Normal-Laplace Distribution: Univariate Asymmetric

dist.Normal.Mixture: Mixture of Normal Distributions

dist.Normal.Precision: Normal Distribution: Precision Parameterization

dist.Normal.Variance: Normal Distribution: Variance Parameterization

dist.Normal.Wishart: Normal-Wishart Distribution

dist.Pareto: Pareto Distribution

dist.Power.Exponential: Power Exponential Distribution: Univariate Symmetric

dist.Scaled.Inverse.Wishart: Scaled Inverse Wishart Distribution

dist.Skew.Discrete.Laplace: Skew Discrete Laplace Distribution: Univariate

dist.Skew.Laplace: Skew-Laplace Distribution: Univariate

dist.Stick: Truncated Stick-Breaking Prior Distribution

dist.Student.t: Student t Distribution: Univariate

dist.Student.t.Precision: Student t Distribution: Precision Parameterization

dist.Truncated: Truncated Distributions

dist.Wishart: Wishart Distribution

dist.Wishart.Cholesky: Wishart Distribution: Cholesky Parameterization

dist.YangBerger: Yang-Berger Distribution

dist.Zellner: Hyperprior-g Prior and Zellner's g-Prior

Elicitation: Prior Elicitation

ESS: Effective Sample Size due to Autocorrelation

Gelfand.Diagnostic: Gelfand's Convergence Diagnostic

Gelman.Diagnostic: Gelman and Rubin's MCMC Convergence Diagnostic

Geweke.Diagnostic: Geweke's Convergence Diagnostic

GIV: Generate Initial Values

Hangartner.Diagnostic: Hangartner's Convergence Diagnostic

Heidelberger.Diagnostic: Heidelberger and Welch's MCMC Convergence Diagnostic

hpc_server: Server Listening

IAT: Integrated Autocorrelation Time

Importance: Variable Importance

interval: Constrain to Interval

is.appeased: Appeased

is.bayesian: Logical Check of a Bayesian Model

is.class: Logical Check of Classes

is.constant: Logical Check of a Constant

is.constrained: Logical Check of Constraints Logical Check of Data

is.model: Logical Check of a Model

is.proper: Logical Check of Propriety

is.stationary: Logical Check of Stationarity

IterativeQuadrature: Iterative Quadrature

joint.density.plot: Joint Density Plot Joint Probability Region Plot

Juxtapose: Juxtapose MCMC Algorithm Inefficiency

KLD: Kullback-Leibler Divergence (KLD)

KS.Diagnostic: Kolmogorov-Smirnov Convergence Diagnostic

LaplaceApproximation: Laplace Approximation

LaplacesDemon: Laplace's Demon

LaplacesDemon-package: The LaplacesDemon Package

LaplacesDemon.RAM: LaplacesDemon RAM Estimate

Levene.Test: Levene's Test

LML: Logarithm of the Marginal Likelihood

logit: The logit and inverse-logit functions

log-log: The log-log and complementary log-log functions

LossMatrix: Loss Matrix

LPL.interval: Lowest Posterior Loss Interval

Math: Math Utility Functions

Matrices: Matrix Utility Functions

MCSE: Monte Carlo Standard Error

MinnesotaPrior: Minnesota Prior

MISS: Multiple Imputation Sequential Sampling

Mode: The Mode(s) of a Vector

Model.Spec.Time: Model Specification Time

p.interval: Probability Interval

plot.bmk: Plot Hellinger Distances

plot.demonoid: Plot samples from the output of Laplace's Demon

plot.demonoid.ppc: Plots of Posterior Predictive Checks

plot.importance: Plot Variable Importance

plot.iterquad: Plot the output of 'IterativeQuadrature'

plot.iterquad.ppc: Plots of Posterior Predictive Checks

plot.juxtapose: Plot MCMC Juxtaposition

plot.laplace: Plot the output of 'LaplaceApproximation'

plot.laplace.ppc: Plots of Posterior Predictive Checks

plotMatrix: Plot a Numerical Matrix

plot.miss: Plot samples from the output of MISS

plot.pmc: Plot samples from the output of PMC

plot.pmc.ppc: Plots of Posterior Predictive Checks

plotSamples: Plot Samples

plot.vb: Plot the output of 'VariationalBayes'

plot.vb.ppc: Plots of Posterior Predictive Checks

PMC: Population Monte Carlo


PosteriorChecks: Posterior Checks

Precision: Precision

predict.demonoid: Posterior Predictive Checks

predict.iterquad: Posterior Predictive Checks

predict.laplace: Posterior Predictive Checks

predict.pmc: Posterior Predictive Checks

predict.vb: Posterior Predictive Checks

print.demonoid: Print an object of class 'demonoid' to the screen.

print.heidelberger: Print an object of class 'heidelberger' to the screen.

print.iterquad: Print an object of class 'iterquad' to the screen.

print.laplace: Print an object of class 'laplace' to the screen.

print.miss: Print an object of class 'miss' to the screen.

print.pmc: Print an object of class 'pmc' to the screen.

print.raftery: Print an object of class 'raftery' to the screen.

print.vb: Print an object of class 'vb' to the screen.

Raftery.Diagnostic: Raftery and Lewis's diagnostic

RejectionSampling: Rejection Sampling

SensitivityAnalysis: Sensitivity Analysis

SIR: Sampling Importance Resampling

Stick: Truncated Stick-Breaking

summary.demonoid.ppc: Posterior Predictive Check Summary

summary.iterquad.ppc: Posterior Predictive Check Summary

summary.laplace.ppc: Posterior Predictive Check Summary

summary.miss: MISS Summary

summary.pmc.ppc: Posterior Predictive Check Summary

summary.vb.ppc: Posterior Predictive Check Summary

Thin: Thin

Validate: Holdout Validation

VariationalBayes: Variational Bayes

WAIC: Widely Applicable Information Criterion


ABB Man page
AcceptanceRate Man page
as.covar Man page
as.indicator.matrix Man page
as.initial.values Man page
as.inverse Man page
as.parm.matrix Man page
as.parm.names Man page
as.positive.definite Man page
as.positive.semidefinite Man page
as.ppc Man page
as.symmetric.matrix Man page
BayesFactor Man page
BayesianBootstrap Man page
BayesTheorem Man page
BigData Man page
Blocks Man page
BMK.Diagnostic Man page
burnin Man page
caterpillar.plot Man page
CenterScale Man page
cloglog Man page
.colVars Man page
Combine Man page
cond.plot Man page
Consort Man page
Cov2Cor Man page
Cov2Prec Man page
CovEstim Man page
CSF Man page
dalaplace Man page
dallaplace Man page
daml Man page
dbern Man page
dcat Man page
dcrmrf Man page
ddirichlet Man page
deburn Man page
de.Finetti.Game Man page
delicit Man page
demonchoice Man page
demonfx Man page
demonsessions Man page
demonsnacks Man page
demontexas Man page
dgpd Man page
dgpois Man page
dhalfcauchy Man page
dhalfnorm Man page
dhalft Man page
dhs Man page
dhuangwand Man page
dhuangwandc Man page
dhyperg Man page
dinvbeta Man page
dinvchisq Man page
dinvgamma Man page
dinvgaussian Man page
dinvmatrixgamma Man page
dinvwishart Man page
dinvwishartc Man page
dlaplace Man page
dlaplacem Man page
dlaplacep Man page
dlasso Man page
dllaplace Man page
dlnormp Man page
dmatrixgamma Man page
dmatrixnorm Man page
dmvc Man page
dmvcc Man page
dmvcp Man page
dmvcpc Man page
dmvl Man page
dmvlc Man page
dmvn Man page
dmvnc Man page
dmvnp Man page
dmvnpc Man page
dmvpe Man page
dmvpec Man page
dmvpolya Man page
dmvt Man page
dmvtc Man page
dmvtp Man page
dmvtpc Man page
dnorminvwishart Man page
dnormlaplace Man page
dnormm Man page
dnormp Man page
dnormv Man page
dnormwishart Man page
dpareto Man page
dpe Man page
dsdlaplace Man page
dsiw Man page
dslaplace Man page
dst Man page
dStick Man page
dstp Man page
dtrunc Man page
dwishart Man page
dwishartc Man page
dyangberger Man page
dyangbergerc Man page
dzellner Man page
elicit Man page
ESS Man page
extrunc Man page
GaussHermiteCubeRule Man page
GaussHermiteQuadRule Man page
Gelfand.Diagnostic Man page
Gelman.Diagnostic Man page
Geweke.Diagnostic Man page
GIV Man page
Hangartner.Diagnostic Man page
Heidelberger.Diagnostic Man page
Hermite Man page
Hessian Man page
IAT Man page
Importance Man page
interval Man page
invcloglog Man page
invlogit Man page
invloglog Man page
.iqagh Man page
.iqaghsg Man page
.iqcagh Man page
is.amodal Man page
is.appeased Man page
is.bayesfactor Man page
is.bayesian Man page
is.bimodal Man page
is.blocks Man page
is.bmk Man page
is.constant Man page
is.constrained Man page Man page
is.demonoid Man page
is.demonoid.hpc Man page
is.demonoid.ppc Man page
is.demonoid.val Man page
is.hangartner Man page
is.heidelberger Man page
is.importance Man page
is.iterquad Man page
is.iterquad.ppc Man page
is.juxtapose Man page
is.laplace Man page
is.laplace.ppc Man page
is.miss Man page
is.model Man page
is.multimodal Man page
is.pmc Man page
is.pmc.ppc Man page
is.pmc.val Man page
is.positive.definite Man page
is.positive.semidefinite Man page
is.posteriorchecks Man page
is.proper Man page
is.raftery Man page
is.rejection Man page
is.sensitivity Man page
is.square.matrix Man page
is.stationary Man page
is.symmetric.matrix Man page
is.trimodal Man page
is.unimodal Man page
is.vb Man page
is.vb.ppc Man page
IterativeQuadrature Man page
Jacobian Man page
joint.density.plot Man page Man page
Juxtapose Man page
KLD Man page
KS.Diagnostic Man page
.laaga Man page
.labfgs Man page
.labhhh Man page
.lacg Man page
.ladfp Man page
.lahar Man page
.lahj Man page
.lalbfgs Man page
.lalm Man page
.lanm Man page
.lanr Man page
LaplaceApproximation Man page
LaplacesDemon Man page
LaplacesDemon.hpc Man page
LaplacesDemon-package Man page
LaplacesDemon.RAM Man page
.lapso Man page
.larprop Man page
.lasgd Man page
.lasoma Man page
.laspg Man page
.lasr1 Man page
.latr Man page
Levene.Test Man page
LML Man page
logadd Man page
logdet Man page
logit Man page
loglog Man page
LossMatrix Man page
lower.triangle Man page
LPL.interval Man page
.mcmcadmg Man page
.mcmcafss Man page
.mcmcagg Man page
.mcmcahmc Man page
.mcmcaies Man page
.mcmcam Man page
.mcmcamm Man page
.mcmcamm.b Man page
.mcmcamwg Man page
.mcmccharm Man page
.mcmcdemc Man page
.mcmcdram Man page
.mcmcdrm Man page
.mcmcess Man page
.mcmcgg Man page
.mcmcggcp Man page
.mcmcggcpp Man page
.mcmcggdp Man page
.mcmcggdpp Man page
.mcmcgibbs Man page
.mcmcharm Man page
.mcmchmc Man page
.mcmchmcda Man page
.mcmcim Man page
.mcmcinca Man page
.mcmcmala Man page
.mcmcmcmcmc Man page
.mcmcmtm Man page
.mcmcmwg Man page
.mcmcnuts Man page
.mcmcohss Man page
.mcmcram Man page
.mcmcrdmh Man page
.mcmcrefractive Man page
.mcmcrj Man page
.mcmcrss Man page
.mcmcrwm Man page
.mcmcsamwg Man page
.mcmcsgld Man page
.mcmcslice Man page
.mcmcsmwg Man page
.mcmcthmc Man page
.mcmctwalk Man page
.mcmcuess Man page
.mcmcusamwg Man page
.mcmcusmwg Man page
MCSE Man page
MCSS Man page
MinnesotaPrior Man page
MISS Man page
Mode Man page
Model.Spec.Time Man page
Modes Man page
palaplace Man page
pallaplace Man page
partial Man page
pbern Man page
phalfcauchy Man page
phalfnorm Man page
phalft Man page
p.interval Man page
plaplace Man page
plaplacem Man page
plaplacep Man page
pllaplace Man page
plnormp Man page
plot.bmk Man page
plot.demonoid Man page
plot.demonoid.hpc Man page
plot.demonoid.ppc Man page
plot.importance Man page
plot.iterquad Man page
plot.iterquad.ppc Man page
plot.juxtapose Man page
plot.laplace Man page
plot.laplace.ppc Man page
plotMatrix Man page
plot.miss Man page
plot.pmc Man page
plot.pmc.ppc Man page
plotSamples Man page
plot.vb Man page
plot.vb.ppc Man page
PMC Man page
PMC.RAM Man page
pnormm Man page
pnormp Man page
pnormv Man page
PosteriorChecks Man page
ppareto Man page
ppe Man page
Prec2Cov Man page
prec2sd Man page
prec2var Man page
predict.demonoid Man page
predict.iterquad Man page
predict.laplace Man page
predict.pmc Man page
predict.vb Man page
print.demonoid Man page
print.heidelberger Man page
print.iterquad Man page
print.laplace Man page
print.miss Man page
print.pmc Man page
print.raftery Man page
print.vb Man page
psdlaplace Man page
pslaplace Man page
pst Man page
pstp Man page
ptrunc Man page
qalaplace Man page
qallaplace Man page
qbern Man page
qcat Man page
qhalfcauchy Man page
qhalfnorm Man page
qhalft Man page
qlaplace Man page
qlaplacep Man page
qllaplace Man page
qlnormp Man page
qnormp Man page
qnormv Man page
qpareto Man page
qpe Man page
qsdlaplace Man page
qslaplace Man page
qst Man page
qstp Man page
qtrunc Man page
Raftery.Diagnostic Man page
ralaplace Man page
rallaplace Man page
raml Man page
rbern Man page
rcat Man page
rcrmrf Man page
rdirichlet Man page
read.matrix Man page
RejectionSampling Man page
rgpd Man page
rhalfcauchy Man page
rhalfnorm Man page
rhalft Man page
rhs Man page
rhuangwand Man page
rhuangwandc Man page
rinvbeta Man page
rinvchisq Man page
rinvgamma Man page
rinvgaussian Man page
rinvwishart Man page
rinvwishartc Man page
rlaplace Man page
rlaplacem Man page
rlaplacep Man page
rlasso Man page
rllaplace Man page
rlnormp Man page
rmatrixnorm Man page
rmvc Man page
rmvcc Man page
rmvcp Man page
rmvcpc Man page
rmvl Man page
rmvlc Man page
rmvn Man page
rmvnc Man page
rmvnp Man page
rmvnpc Man page
rmvpe Man page
rmvpec Man page
rmvpolya Man page
rmvt Man page
rmvtc Man page
rmvtp Man page
rmvtpc Man page
rnorminvwishart Man page
rnormlaplace Man page
rnormm Man page
rnormp Man page
rnormv Man page
rnormwishart Man page
.rowVars Man page
rpareto Man page
rpe Man page
rsdlaplace Man page
rsiw Man page
rslaplace Man page
rst Man page
rStick Man page
rstp Man page
rtrunc Man page
rwishart Man page
rwishartc Man page
rzellner Man page
sd2prec Man page
sd2var Man page
SensitivityAnalysis Man page
server_Listening Man page
SIR Man page
SparseGrid Man page
Stick Man page
summary.demonoid.ppc Man page
summary.iterquad.ppc Man page
summary.laplace.ppc Man page
summary.miss Man page
summary.pmc.ppc Man page
summary.vb.ppc Man page
Thin Man page
tr Man page
TransitionMatrix Man page
upper.triangle Man page
Validate Man page
var2prec Man page
var2sd Man page
VariationalBayes Man page
vartrunc Man page
.vbsalimans2 Man page
WAIC Man page


R/summary.laplace.ppc.R R/plot.demonoid.R R/as.covar.R R/LaplacesDemon.hpc.R R/plot.miss.R R/WAIC.R R/plot.demonoid.ppc.R R/CenterScale.R R/log-log.R R/Hangartner.Diagnostic.R R/as.ppc.R R/print.raftery.R R/Blocks.R R/SIR.R R/LPL.interval.R R/summary.pmc.ppc.R R/de.Finetti.Game.R R/predict.demonoid.R R/Geweke.Diagnostic.R R/p.interval.R R/Gelfand.Diagnostic.R R/predict.laplace.R R/logit.R R/plot.laplace.R R/IterativeQuadrature.R R/BigData.R R/BMK.Diagnostic.R R/is.appeased.R R/Consort.R R/is.constant.R R/interval.R R/KLD.R R/KS.Diagnostic.R R/GIV.R R/Validate.R R/CSF.R R/as.parm.names.R R/plot.importance.R R/is.constrained.R R/is.proper.R R/plot.bmk.R R/cond.plot.R R/summary.miss.R R/print.pmc.R R/predict.pmc.R R/AcceptanceRate.R R/ R/LaplacesDemon.RAM.R R/plot.demonoid.hpc.R R/print.demonoid.R R/print.vb.R R/plot.pmc.ppc.R R/SensitivityAnalysis.R R/MinnesotaPrior.R R/is.class.R R/Precision.R R/as.initial.values.R R/LossMatrix.R R/BayesianBootstrap.R R/RejectionSampling.R R/Gelman.Diagnostic.R R/ESS.R R/distributions.R R/PosteriorChecks.R R/plot.laplace.ppc.R R/predict.vb.R R/print.iterquad.R R/LML.R R/plot.iterquad.ppc.R R/print.heidelberger.R R/is.stationary.R R/deburn.R R/joint.density.plot.R R/Importance.R R/IAT.R R/Elicitation.R R/is.bayesian.R R/Juxtapose.R R/BayesFactor.R R/summary.iterquad.ppc.R R/plot.vb.R R/plot.pmc.R R/hpc_server.R R/summary.demonoid.ppc.R R/summary.vb.ppc.R R/MCSE.R R/LaplaceApproximation.R R/print.miss.R R/PMC.RAM.R R/plot.vb.ppc.R R/MISS.R R/Heidelberger.Diagnostic.R R/Thin.R R/ABB.R R/Matrices.R R/Math.R R/Levene.Test.R R/plot.juxtapose.R R/BayesTheorem.R R/caterpillar.plot.R R/Raftery.Diagnostic.R R/LaplacesDemon.R R/plot.iterquad.R R/PMC.R R/VariationalBayes.R R/predict.iterquad.R R/print.laplace.R R/Model.Spec.Time.R R/Mode.R R/burnin.R R/plotSamples.R R/ R/plotMatrix.R R/is.model.R R/Stick.R R/Combine.R
man/summary.pmc.ppc.Rd man/dist.Inverse.Beta.Rd man/LossMatrix.Rd man/summary.iterquad.ppc.Rd man/Raftery.Diagnostic.Rd man/print.vb.Rd man/is.appeased.Rd man/data.demonfx.Rd man/dist.Inverse.Gaussian.Rd man/data.demonchoice.Rd man/dist.Multivariate.Cauchy.Precision.Cholesky.Rd man/joint.density.plot.Rd man/dist.Skew.Discrete.Laplace.Rd man/LaplacesDemon-package.Rd man/plot.importance.Rd man/predict.pmc.Rd man/predict.iterquad.Rd man/Math.Rd man/dist.Power.Exponential.Rd man/p.interval.Rd man/dist.Multivariate.Cauchy.Cholesky.Rd man/dist.Categorical.Rd man/as.covar.Rd man/dist.Horseshoe.Rd man/summary.vb.ppc.Rd man/dist.Multivariate.t.Precision.Rd man/dist.Wishart.Cholesky.Rd man/cond.plot.Rd man/dist.HalfCauchy.Rd man/print.laplace.Rd man/print.iterquad.Rd man/dist.Truncated.Rd man/dist.LASSO.Rd man/GIV.Rd man/print.raftery.Rd man/plot.pmc.Rd man/BMK.Diagnostic.Rd man/Model.Spec.Time.Rd man/dist.Multivariate.Normal.Cholesky.Rd man/LML.Rd man/dist.Inverse.Matrix.Gamma.Rd man/dist.Pareto.Rd man/CenterScale.Rd man/KLD.Rd man/dist.Multivariate.Normal.Rd man/is.proper.Rd man/Combine.Rd man/dist.Normal.Precision.Rd man/CSF.Rd man/dist.Multivariate.Normal.Precision.Rd man/LPL.interval.Rd man/Matrices.Rd man/plot.juxtapose.Rd man/plot.demonoid.Rd man/summary.laplace.ppc.Rd man/summary.demonoid.ppc.Rd man/dist.Normal.Mixture.Rd man/Juxtapose.Rd man/Gelfand.Diagnostic.Rd man/dist.Multivariate.Cauchy.Precision.Rd man/print.miss.Rd man/MinnesotaPrior.Rd man/dist.Asymmetric.Log.Laplace.Rd man/data.demonsnacks.Rd man/interval.Rd man/plotMatrix.Rd man/ABB.Rd man/plot.iterquad.Rd man/dist.Log.Laplace.Rd man/BayesFactor.Rd man/dist.Multivariate.t.Cholesky.Rd man/dist.HalfNorm.Rd man/hpc_server.Rd man/Hangartner.Diagnostic.Rd man/is.constant.Rd man/dist.Matrix.Normal.Rd man/de.Finetti.Game.Rd man/is.stationary.Rd man/PMC.Rd man/is.model.Rd man/BigData.Rd man/Validate.Rd man/predict.vb.Rd man/Precision.Rd man/is.constrained.Rd man/as.initial.values.Rd man/predict.demonoid.Rd man/dist.Student.t.Rd man/SIR.Rd man/dist.Generalized.Poisson.Rd man/VariationalBayes.Rd man/WAIC.Rd man/dist.ContinuousRelaxation.Rd man/logit.Rd man/dist.Wishart.Rd man/MISS.Rd man/dist.Multivariate.Laplace.Rd man/dist.Asymmetric.Multivariate.Laplace.Rd man/dist.Multivariate.Laplace.Cholesky.Rd man/dist.Inverse.ChiSquare.Rd man/summary.miss.Rd man/dist.HuangWand.Rd man/is.bayesian.Rd man/Mode.Rd man/RejectionSampling.Rd man/dist.Halft.Rd man/burnin.Rd man/BayesianBootstrap.Rd man/dist.Generalized.Pareto.Rd man/dist.Asymmetric.Laplace.Rd man/dist.Normal.Variance.Rd man/print.demonoid.Rd man/Blocks.Rd man/MCSE.Rd man/Stick.Rd man/dist.Multivariate.Power.Exponential.Cholesky.Rd man/dist.Multivariate.Cauchy.Rd man/Importance.Rd man/Geweke.Diagnostic.Rd man/PosteriorChecks.Rd man/dist.Multivariate.Normal.Precision.Cholesky.Rd man/Thin.Rd man/dist.Bernoulli.Rd man/deburn.Rd man/dist.Zellner.Rd man/ man/plot.iterquad.ppc.Rd man/dist.Laplace.Mixture.Rd man/LaplacesDemon.RAM.Rd man/ man/dist.Stick.Rd man/predict.laplace.Rd man/dist.Student.t.Precision.Rd man/dist.Inverse.Gamma.Rd man/plotSamples.Rd man/dist.Log.Normal.Precision.Rd man/Elicitation.Rd man/data.demontexas.Rd man/ESS.Rd man/print.heidelberger.Rd man/SensitivityAnalysis.Rd man/dist.Skew.Laplace.Rd man/LaplaceApproximation.Rd man/AcceptanceRate.Rd man/as.ppc.Rd man/dist.Matrix.Gamma.Rd man/data.demonsessions.Rd man/Gelman.Diagnostic.Rd man/as.parm.names.Rd man/dist.Inverse.Wishart.Cholesky.Rd man/print.pmc.Rd man/dist.Normal.Laplace.Rd man/caterpillar.plot.Rd man/plot.vb.Rd man/dist.Multivariate.Power.Exponential.Rd man/Levene.Test.Rd man/is.class.Rd man/IterativeQuadrature.Rd man/plot.miss.Rd man/log-log.Rd man/plot.pmc.ppc.Rd man/dist.Laplace.Precision.Rd man/plot.bmk.Rd man/Consort.Rd man/dist.Multivariate.t.Rd man/PMC.RAM.Rd man/plot.laplace.Rd man/Heidelberger.Diagnostic.Rd man/dist.Dirichlet.Rd man/IAT.Rd man/dist.Normal.Inverse.Wishart.Rd man/dist.Inverse.Wishart.Rd man/dist.Scaled.Inverse.Wishart.Rd man/LaplacesDemon.Rd man/KS.Diagnostic.Rd man/dist.Laplace.Rd man/dist.YangBerger.Rd man/plot.vb.ppc.Rd man/BayesTheorem.Rd man/dist.Multivariate.t.Precision.Cholesky.Rd man/plot.laplace.ppc.Rd man/dist.Normal.Wishart.Rd man/plot.demonoid.ppc.Rd man/dist.Multivariate.Polya.Rd

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