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This function converts an object of class demonoid.val to an object of class demonoid.ppc.


as.ppc(x, set=3)



This is an object of class demonoid.val.


This is an integer that indicates which list component is to be used. When set=1, the modeled data set is used. When set=2, the validation data set is used. When set=3, both data sets are used.


After using the Validate function for holdout validation, it is often suggested to perform posterior predictive checks. The as.ppc function converts the output object of Validate, which is an object of class demonoid.val, to an object of class demonoid.ppc. The returned object is the same as if it were created with the predict.demonoid function, rather than the Validate function.

After this conversion, the user may use posterior predictive checks, as usual, with the summary.demonoid.ppc function.


The returned object is an object of class demonoid.ppc.


Statisticat, LLC.

See Also

predict.demonoid, summary.demonoid.ppc, and Validate.

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