LearnBayes: Functions for Learning Bayesian Inference

LearnBayes contains a collection of functions helpful in learning the basic tenets of Bayesian statistical inference. It contains functions for summarizing basic one and two parameter posterior distributions and predictive distributions. It contains MCMC algorithms for summarizing posterior distributions defined by the user. It also contains functions for regression models, hierarchical models, Bayesian tests, and illustrations of Gibbs sampling.

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AuthorJim Albert
Date of publication2014-05-29 17:33:08
MaintainerJim Albert <albert@bgsu.edu>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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Man pages

achievement: School achievement data

baseball.1964: Team records in the 1964 National League baseball season

bayes.influence: Observation sensitivity analysis in beta-binomial model

bayes.model.selection: Bayesian regression model selection using G priors

bayes.probit: Simulates from a probit binary response regression model...

bayesresiduals: Computation of posterior residual outlying probabilities for...

bermuda.grass: Bermuda grass experiment data

betabinexch: Log posterior of logit mean and log precision for...

betabinexch0: Log posterior of mean and precision for Binomial/beta...

beta.select: Selection of Beta Prior Given Knowledge of Two Quantiles

bfexch: Logarithm of integral of Bayes factor for testing homogeneity...

bfindep: Bayes factor against independence assuming alternatives close...

binomial.beta.mix: Computes the posterior for binomial sampling and a mixture of...

birdextinct: Bird measurements from British islands

birthweight: Birthweight regression study

blinreg: Simulation from Bayesian linear regression model

blinregexpected: Simulates values of expected response for linear regression...

blinregpred: Simulates values of predicted response for linear regression...

bprobit.probs: Simulates fitted probabilities for a probit regression model

bradley.terry.post: Log posterior of a Bradley Terry random effects model

breastcancer: Survival experience of women with breast cancer under...

calculus.grades: Calculus grades dataset

cancermortality: Cancer mortality data

careertraj.setup: Setup for Career Trajectory Application

cauchyerrorpost: Log posterior of median and log scale parameters for Cauchy...

chemotherapy: Chemotherapy treatment effects on ovarian cancer

ctable: Bayes factor against independence using uniform priors

darwin: Darwin's data on plants

discint: Highest probability interval for a discrete distribution

discrete.bayes: Posterior distribution with discrete priors

discrete.bayes.2: Posterior distribution of two parameters with discrete priors

dmnorm: The probability density function for the multivariate normal...

dmt: Probability density function for multivariate t

donner: Donner survival study

election: Florida election data

election.2008: Poll data from 2008 U.S. Presidential Election

footballscores: Game outcomes and point spreads for American football

gibbs: Metropolis within Gibbs sampling algorithm of a posterior...

groupeddatapost: Log posterior of normal parameters when data is in grouped...

hearttransplants: Heart transplant mortality data

hiergibbs: Gibbs sampling for a hierarchical regression model

histprior: Density function of a histogram distribution

howardprior: Logarithm of Howard's dependent prior for two proportions

impsampling: Importance sampling using a t proposal density

indepmetrop: Independence Metropolis independence chain of a posterior...

iowagpa: Admissions data for an university

jeter2004: Hitting data for Derek Jeter

laplace: Summarization of a posterior density by the Laplace method

lbinorm: Logarithm of bivariate normal density

logctablepost: Log posterior of difference and sum of logits in a 2x2 table

logisticpost: Log posterior for a binary response model with a logistic...

logpoissgamma: Log posterior with Poisson sampling and gamma prior

logpoissnormal: Log posterior with Poisson sampling and normal prior

marathontimes: Marathon running times

mnormt.onesided: Bayesian test of one-sided hypothesis about a normal mean

mnormt.twosided: Bayesian test of a two-sided hypothesis about a normal mean

mycontour: Contour plot of a bivariate density function

normal.normal.mix: Computes the posterior for normal sampling and a mixture of...

normal.select: Selection of Normal Prior Given Knowledge of Two Quantiles

normchi2post: Log posterior density for mean and variance for normal...

normnormexch: Log posterior of mean and log standard deviation for...

normpostpred: Posterior predictive simulation from Bayesian normal sampling...

normpostsim: Simulation from Bayesian normal sampling model

ordergibbs: Gibbs sampling for a hierarchical regression model

pbetap: Predictive distribution for a binomial sample with a beta...

pbetat: Bayesian test of a proportion

pdisc: Posterior distribution for a proportion with discrete priors

pdiscp: Predictive distribution for a binomial sample with a discrete...

poissgamexch: Log posterior of Poisson/gamma exchangeable model

poisson.gamma.mix: Computes the posterior for Poisson sampling and a mixture of...

predplot: Plot of predictive distribution for binomial sampling with a...

prior.two.parameters: Construct discrete uniform prior for two parameters

puffin: Bird measurements from British islands

rdirichlet: Random draws from a Dirichlet distribution

reg.gprior.post: Computes the log posterior of a normal regression model with...

regroup: Collapses a matrix by summing over rows

rejectsampling: Rejecting sampling using a t proposal density

rigamma: Random number generation for inverse gamma distribution

rmnorm: Random number generation for multivariate normal

rmt: Random number generation for multivariate t

robustt: Gibbs sampling for a robust regression model

rtruncated: Simulates from a truncated probability distribution

rwmetrop: Random walk Metropolis algorithm of a posterior distribution

schmidt: Batting data for Mike Schmidt

simcontour: Simulated draws from a bivariate density function on a grid

sir: Sampling importance resampling

sluggerdata: Hitting statistics for ten great baseball players

soccergoals: Goals scored by professional soccer team

stanfordheart: Data from Stanford Heart Transplanation Program

strikeout: Baseball strikeout data

studentdata: Student dataset

transplantpost: Log posterior of a Pareto model for survival data

triplot: Plot of prior, likelihood and posterior for a proportion

weibullregpost: Log posterior of a Weibull proportional odds model for...


achievement Man page
baseball.1964 Man page
bayes.influence Man page
bayes.model.selection Man page
bayes.probit Man page
bayesresiduals Man page
bermuda.grass Man page
betabinexch Man page
betabinexch0 Man page
beta.select Man page
bfexch Man page
bfindep Man page
binomial.beta.mix Man page
birdextinct Man page
birthweight Man page
blinreg Man page
blinregexpected Man page
blinregpred Man page
bprobit.probs Man page
bradley.terry.post Man page
breastcancer Man page
calculus.grades Man page
cancermortality Man page
careertraj.setup Man page
cauchyerrorpost Man page
chemotherapy Man page
ctable Man page
darwin Man page
discint Man page
discrete.bayes Man page
discrete.bayes.2 Man page
dmnorm Man page
dmt Man page
donner Man page
election Man page
election.2008 Man page
footballscores Man page
gibbs Man page
groupeddatapost Man page
hearttransplants Man page
hiergibbs Man page
histprior Man page
howardprior Man page
impsampling Man page
indepmetrop Man page
iowagpa Man page
jeter2004 Man page
laplace Man page
lbinorm Man page
logctablepost Man page
logisticpost Man page
logpoissgamma Man page
logpoissnormal Man page
marathontimes Man page
mnormt.onesided Man page
mnormt.twosided Man page
mycontour Man page
normal.normal.mix Man page
normal.select Man page
normchi2post Man page
normnormexch Man page
normpostpred Man page
normpostsim Man page
ordergibbs Man page
pbetap Man page
pbetat Man page
pdisc Man page
pdiscp Man page
plot.bayes Man page
plot.bayes2 Man page
poissgamexch Man page
poisson.gamma.mix Man page
predplot Man page
print.bayes Man page
prior.two.parameters Man page
puffin Man page
rdirichlet Man page
reg.gprior.post Man page
regroup Man page
rejectsampling Man page
rigamma Man page
rmnorm Man page
rmt Man page
robustt Man page
rtruncated Man page
rwmetrop Man page
schmidt Man page
simcontour Man page
sir Man page
sluggerdata Man page
soccergoals Man page
stanfordheart Man page
strikeout Man page
studentdata Man page
summary.bayes Man page
transplantpost Man page
triplot Man page
weibullregpost Man page


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R/howardprior.R R/bayes.probit.R R/blinreg.R R/histprior.R R/indepmetrop.R R/mycontour.R R/dmt.R R/bradley.terry.post.R R/pdiscp.R R/cauchyerrorpost.R R/betabinexch0.R R/normnormexch.R R/bayesresiduals.R R/discrete.bayes.R R/simcontour.R R/ctable.R R/bprobit.probs.R R/ordergibbs.R R/transplantpost.R R/rtruncated.R R/careertraj.setup.R R/robustt.R R/sir.R R/weibullregpost.R R/blinregpred.R R/rmnorm.R R/bayes.model.selection.R R/normpostsim.R R/hiergibbs.R R/normal.select.R R/mnormt.onesided.R R/plot.bayes.R R/logisticpost.R R/gibbs.R R/binomial.beta.mix.R R/rdirichlet.R R/discint.R R/poissgamexch.R R/normal.normal.mix.R R/laplace.R R/prior.two.parameters.R R/rwmetrop.R R/reg.gprior.post.R R/pbetap.R R/logctablepost.R R/discrete.bayes.2.R R/bfexch.R R/print.bayes.R R/lbinorm.R R/rmt.R R/bayes.influence.R R/groupeddatapost.R R/logpoissgamma.R R/poisson.gamma.mix.R R/dmnorm.R R/mnormt.twosided.R R/bfindep.R R/normpostpred.R R/pdisc.R R/rejectsampling.R R/plot.bayes2.R R/summary.bayes.R R/rigamma.R R/pbetat.R R/blinregexpected.R R/triplot.R R/normchi2post.R R/logpoissnormal.R R/beta.select.R R/betabinexch.R R/predplot.R R/regroup.R R/impsampling.R
man/prior.two.parameters.Rd man/pbetat.Rd man/logpoissnormal.Rd man/blinreg.Rd man/normnormexch.Rd man/cauchyerrorpost.Rd man/impsampling.Rd man/predplot.Rd man/pbetap.Rd man/normal.normal.mix.Rd man/schmidt.Rd man/achievement.Rd man/discint.Rd man/studentdata.Rd man/blinregexpected.Rd man/bayesresiduals.Rd man/footballscores.Rd man/baseball.1964.Rd man/rigamma.Rd man/discrete.bayes.Rd man/logctablepost.Rd man/discrete.bayes.2.Rd man/dmt.Rd man/rdirichlet.Rd man/reg.gprior.post.Rd man/bprobit.probs.Rd man/rmnorm.Rd man/betabinexch.Rd man/donner.Rd man/logisticpost.Rd man/poissgamexch.Rd man/hearttransplants.Rd man/soccergoals.Rd man/beta.select.Rd man/bermuda.grass.Rd man/cancermortality.Rd man/bayes.probit.Rd man/gibbs.Rd man/strikeout.Rd man/birthweight.Rd man/dmnorm.Rd man/sir.Rd man/blinregpred.Rd man/normpostsim.Rd man/howardprior.Rd man/ordergibbs.Rd man/stanfordheart.Rd man/lbinorm.Rd man/betabinexch0.Rd man/laplace.Rd man/logpoissgamma.Rd man/normal.select.Rd man/election.2008.Rd man/mnormt.onesided.Rd man/rmt.Rd man/robustt.Rd man/normchi2post.Rd man/rejectsampling.Rd man/poisson.gamma.mix.Rd man/binomial.beta.mix.Rd man/careertraj.setup.Rd man/regroup.Rd man/birdextinct.Rd man/bayes.model.selection.Rd man/marathontimes.Rd man/jeter2004.Rd man/weibullregpost.Rd man/pdisc.Rd man/triplot.Rd man/bfindep.Rd man/bayes.influence.Rd man/breastcancer.Rd man/groupeddatapost.Rd man/mnormt.twosided.Rd man/hiergibbs.Rd man/iowagpa.Rd man/chemotherapy.Rd man/mycontour.Rd man/rwmetrop.Rd man/puffin.Rd man/calculus.grades.Rd man/histprior.Rd man/bfexch.Rd man/election.Rd man/simcontour.Rd man/indepmetrop.Rd man/ctable.Rd man/pdiscp.Rd man/sluggerdata.Rd man/rtruncated.Rd man/normpostpred.Rd man/bradley.terry.post.Rd man/transplantpost.Rd man/darwin.Rd

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