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Functions for Learning Bayesian Inference

achievementSchool achievement data
baseball.1964Team records in the 1964 National League baseball season
bayes.influenceObservation sensitivity analysis in beta-binomial model
bayes.model.selectionBayesian regression model selection using G priors
bayes.probitSimulates from a probit binary response regression model...
bayesresidualsComputation of posterior residual outlying probabilities for...
bermuda.grassBermuda grass experiment data
betabinexchLog posterior of logit mean and log precision for...
betabinexch0Log posterior of mean and precision for Binomial/beta...
beta.selectSelection of Beta Prior Given Knowledge of Two Quantiles
bfexchLogarithm of integral of Bayes factor for testing homogeneity...
bfindepBayes factor against independence assuming alternatives close...
binomial.beta.mixComputes the posterior for binomial sampling and a mixture of...
birdextinctBird measurements from British islands
birthweightBirthweight regression study
blinregSimulation from Bayesian linear regression model
blinregexpectedSimulates values of expected response for linear regression...
blinregpredSimulates values of predicted response for linear regression...
bprobit.probsSimulates fitted probabilities for a probit regression model
bradley.terry.postLog posterior of a Bradley Terry random effects model
breastcancerSurvival experience of women with breast cancer under...
calculus.gradesCalculus grades dataset
cancermortalityCancer mortality data
careertraj.setupSetup for Career Trajectory Application
cauchyerrorpostLog posterior of median and log scale parameters for Cauchy...
chemotherapyChemotherapy treatment effects on ovarian cancer
ctableBayes factor against independence using uniform priors
darwinDarwin's data on plants
discintHighest probability interval for a discrete distribution
discrete.bayesPosterior distribution with discrete priors
discrete.bayes.2Posterior distribution of two parameters with discrete priors
dmnormThe probability density function for the multivariate normal...
dmtProbability density function for multivariate t
donnerDonner survival study
electionFlorida election data
election.2008Poll data from 2008 U.S. Presidential Election
footballscoresGame outcomes and point spreads for American football
gibbsMetropolis within Gibbs sampling algorithm of a posterior...
groupeddatapostLog posterior of normal parameters when data is in grouped...
hearttransplantsHeart transplant mortality data
hiergibbsGibbs sampling for a hierarchical regression model
histpriorDensity function of a histogram distribution
howardpriorLogarithm of Howard's dependent prior for two proportions
impsamplingImportance sampling using a t proposal density
indepmetropIndependence Metropolis independence chain of a posterior...
iowagpaAdmissions data for an university
jeter2004Hitting data for Derek Jeter
laplaceSummarization of a posterior density by the Laplace method
lbinormLogarithm of bivariate normal density
logctablepostLog posterior of difference and sum of logits in a 2x2 table
logisticpostLog posterior for a binary response model with a logistic...
logpoissgammaLog posterior with Poisson sampling and gamma prior
logpoissnormalLog posterior with Poisson sampling and normal prior
marathontimesMarathon running times
mnormt.onesidedBayesian test of one-sided hypothesis about a normal mean
mnormt.twosidedBayesian test of a two-sided hypothesis about a normal mean
mycontourContour plot of a bivariate density function
normal.normal.mixComputes the posterior for normal sampling and a mixture of...
normal.selectSelection of Normal Prior Given Knowledge of Two Quantiles
normchi2postLog posterior density for mean and variance for normal...
normnormexchLog posterior of mean and log standard deviation for...
normpostpredPosterior predictive simulation from Bayesian normal sampling...
normpostsimSimulation from Bayesian normal sampling model
ordergibbsGibbs sampling for a hierarchical regression model
pbetapPredictive distribution for a binomial sample with a beta...
pbetatBayesian test of a proportion
pdiscPosterior distribution for a proportion with discrete priors
pdiscpPredictive distribution for a binomial sample with a discrete...
poissgamexchLog posterior of Poisson/gamma exchangeable model
poisson.gamma.mixComputes the posterior for Poisson sampling and a mixture of...
predplotPlot of predictive distribution for binomial sampling with a...
prior.two.parametersConstruct discrete uniform prior for two parameters
puffinBird measurements from British islands
rdirichletRandom draws from a Dirichlet distribution
reg.gprior.postComputes the log posterior of a normal regression model with...
regroupCollapses a matrix by summing over rows
rejectsamplingRejecting sampling using a t proposal density
rigammaRandom number generation for inverse gamma distribution
rmnormRandom number generation for multivariate normal
rmtRandom number generation for multivariate t
robusttGibbs sampling for a robust regression model
rtruncatedSimulates from a truncated probability distribution
rwmetropRandom walk Metropolis algorithm of a posterior distribution
schmidtBatting data for Mike Schmidt
simcontourSimulated draws from a bivariate density function on a grid
sirSampling importance resampling
sluggerdataHitting statistics for ten great baseball players
soccergoalsGoals scored by professional soccer team
stanfordheartData from Stanford Heart Transplanation Program
strikeoutBaseball strikeout data
studentdataStudent dataset
transplantpostLog posterior of a Pareto model for survival data
triplotPlot of prior, likelihood and posterior for a proportion
weibullregpostLog posterior of a Weibull proportional odds model for...
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