HollywoodMovies2011: Hollywood Movies in 2011

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Data on movies released in Hollywood in 2011


A dataset with 136 observations on the following 14 variables.

Movie Title of movie
LeadStudio Studio that released the movie
RottenTomatoes Rotten Tomatoes rating (reviewers)
AudienceScore Audience rating (via Rotten Tomatoes)
Story General theme - one of 21 themes
Genre Action Adventure Animation Comedy Drama Fantasy Horror Romance Thriller
TheatersOpenWeek Number of screens for opening weekend
BOAverageOpenWeek Average opening week box office income (per theater)
DomesticGross Gross income for domestic viewers (in $ millions)
ForeignGross Gross income for foreign viewers (in $ millions)
WorldGross Gross income for all viewers (in $ millions)
Budget Production budget (in $ millions)
Profitability WorldGross as a percentage of Budget
OpeningWeekend Opening weekend gross (in $ millions)


Information from 136 movies released from Hollywood in 2011.
** This dataset has been updated for 2e with more years of data (in HollywoodMovies) **


McCandless, D., "Most Profitable Hollywood Movies" from "Information is Beautiful" at
http://www.informationisbeautiful,net.data/ and

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