RestaurantTips: Restaurant Tips

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Tip data from the First Crush Bistro


A dataset with 157 observations on the following 7 variables.

Bill Size of the bill (in dollars)
Tip Size of the tip (in dollars)
Credit Paid with a credit card? n or y
Guests Number of people in the group
Day Day of the week: m=Monday, t=Tuesday, w=Wednesday, th=Thursday, or f=Friday
Server Code for specfic waiter/waitress: A, B, or C
PctTip Tip as a percentage of the bill


The owner of a bistro called First Crush in Potsdam, NY was interested in studying the tipping patterns of his customers. He collected restaurant bills over a two week period that he believes provide a good sample of his customers. The data recorded from 157 bills include the amount of the bill, size of the tip, percentage tip, number of customers in the group, whether or not a credit card was used, day of the week, and a coded identity of the server.


Thanks to Tom DeRosa at First Crush for providing the tipping data.

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