Man pages for Luminescence
Comprehensive Luminescence Dating Data Analysis

analyse_Al2O3C_CrossTalkAl2O3:C Reader Cross Talk Analysis
analyse_Al2O3C_ITCAl2O3 Irradiation Time Correction Analysis
analyse_Al2O3C_MeasurementAl2O3:C Passive Dosimeter Measurement Analysis
analyse_baSARBayesian models (baSAR) applied on luminescence data
analyse_FadingMeasurementAnalyse fading measurements and returns the fading rate per...
analyse_IRSAR.RFAnalyse IRSAR RF measurements
analyse_pIRIRSequenceAnalyse post-IR IRSL measurement sequences
analyse_portableOSLAnalyse portable CW-OSL measurements
analyse_SAR.CWOSLAnalyse SAR CW-OSL measurements
Analyse_SAR.OSLdataAnalyse SAR CW-OSL measurements.
analyse_SAR.TLAnalyse SAR TL measurements
apply_CosmicRayRemovalFunction to remove cosmic rays from an RLum.Data.Spectrum S4...
apply_EfficiencyCorrectionFunction to apply spectral efficiency correction to...
app_RLumRun Luminescence shiny apps (wrapper)
asas() - RLum-object coercion
BaseDataSet.ConversionFactorsBase data set of dose-rate conversion factors
BaseDataSet.CosmicDoseRateBase data set for cosmic dose rate calculation
BaseDataSet.FractionalGammaDoseBase data set of fractional gamma-dose values
bin_RLum.DataChannel binning - method dispatchter
calc_AliquotSizeEstimate the amount of grains on an aliquot
calc_AverageDoseCalculate the Average Dose and the dose rate dispersion
calc_CentralDoseApply the central age model (CAM) after Galbraith et al....
calc_CommonDoseApply the (un-)logged common age model after Galbraith et al....
calc_CosmicDoseRateCalculate the cosmic dose rate
calc_FadingCorrApply a fading correction according to Huntley & Lamothe...
calc_FastRatioCalculate the Fast Ratio for CW-OSL curves
calc_FiniteMixtureApply the finite mixture model (FMM) after Galbraith (2005)...
calc_FuchsLang2001Apply the model after Fuchs & Lang (2001) to a given De...
calc_gSGCCalculate De value based on the gSGC by Li et al., 2015
calc_HomogeneityTestApply a simple homogeneity test after Galbraith (2003)
calc_Huntley2006Apply the Huntley (2006) model
calc_IEUApply the internal-external-uncertainty (IEU) model after...
calc_Kars2008Apply the Kars et al. (2008) model (deprecated)
calc_Lamothe2003Apply fading correction after Lamothe et al., 2003
calc_MaxDoseApply the maximum age model to a given De distribution
calc_MinDoseApply the (un-)logged minimum age model (MAM) after Galbraith...
calc_OSLLxTxRatioCalculate Lx/Tx ratio for CW-OSL curves
calc_SourceDoseRateCalculation of the source dose rate via the date of...
calc_StatisticsFunction to calculate statistic measures
calc_ThermalLifetimeCalculates the Thermal Lifetime using the Arrhenius equation
calc_TLLxTxRatioCalculate the Lx/Tx ratio for a given set of TL curves -beta...
calc_WodaFuchs2008Obtain the equivalent dose using the approach by Woda and...
convert_Activity2ConcentrationConvert Nuclide Activities to Concentrations and Vice Versa
convert_BIN2CSVExport Risoe BIN-file(s) to CSV-files
convert_Daybreak2CSVExport measurement data produced by a Daybreak luminescence...
convert_PSL2CSVExport PSL-file(s) to CSV-files
convert_RLum2Risoe.BINfileDataConverts RLum.Analysis-objects and RLum.Data.Curve-objects to...
convert_Wavelength2EnergyEmission Spectra Conversion from Wavelength to Energy Scales
convert_XSYG2CSVExport XSYG-file(s) to CSV-files
CW2pHMiTransform a CW-OSL curve into a pHM-OSL curve via...
CW2pLMTransform a CW-OSL curve into a pLM-OSL curve
CW2pLMiTransform a CW-OSL curve into a pLM-OSL curve via...
CW2pPMiTransform a CW-OSL curve into a pPM-OSL curve via...
ExampleData.Al2O3CExample Al2O3:C Measurement Data
ExampleData.BINfileDataExample data from a SAR OSL and SAR TL measurement for the...
ExampleData.CW_OSL_CurveExample CW-OSL curve data for the package Luminescence
ExampleData.DeValuesExample De data sets for the package Luminescence
ExampleData.FadingExample data for feldspar fading measurements
ExampleData.FittingLMExample data for fit_LMCurve() in the package Luminescence
ExampleData.LxTxDataExample Lx/Tx data from CW-OSL SAR measurement
ExampleData.LxTxOSLDataExample Lx and Tx curve data from an artificial OSL...
ExampleData.portableOSLExample portable OSL curve data for the package Luminescence
ExampleData.RLum.AnalysisExample data as RLum.Analysis objects
ExampleData.RLum.Data.ImageExample data as RLum.Data.Image objects
ExampleData.ScaleGammaDoseExample data for scale_GammaDose()
ExampleData.SurfaceExposureExample OSL surface exposure dating data
ExampleData.TR_OSLExample TR-OSL data
ExampleData.XSYGExample data for a SAR OSL measurement and a TL spectrum...
extdataCollection of External Data
extract_IrradiationTimesExtract Irradiation Times from an XSYG-file
fit_CWCurveNonlinear Least Squares Fit for CW-OSL curves -beta version-
fit_LMCurveNonlinear Least Squares Fit for LM-OSL curves
fit_OSLLifeTimesFitting and Deconvolution of OSL Lifetime Components
fit_SurfaceExposureNonlinear Least Squares Fit for OSL surface exposure data
fit_ThermalQuenchingFitting Thermal Quenching Data
get_LayoutCollection of layout definitions
get_QuoteFunction to return essential quotes
get_rightAnswerFunction to get the right answer
get_Risoe.BINfileDataGeneral accessor function for RLum S4 class objects
get_RLumGeneral accessor function for RLum S4 class objects
GitHub-APIGitHub API
install_DevelopmentVersionAttempts to install the development version of the...
length_RLumGeneral accessor function for RLum S4 class objects
Luminescence-packageComprehensive Luminescence Dating Data Analysis
merge_Risoe.BINfileDataMerge Risoe.BINfileData objects or Risoe BIN-files
merge_RLumGeneral merge function for RLum S4 class objects
merge_RLum.AnalysisMerge function for RLum.Analysis S4 class objects
merge_RLum.Data.CurveMerge function for RLum.Data.Curve S4 class objects
merge_RLum.ResultsMerge function for RLum.Results S4-class objects
names_RLumS4-names function for RLum S4 class objects
plot_AbanicoPlotFunction to create an Abanico Plot.
plot_DetPlotCreate De(t) plot
plot_DRCSummaryCreate a Dose-Response Curve Summary Plot
plot_DRTResultsVisualise dose recovery test results
plot_FilterCombinationsPlot filter combinations along with the (optional) net...
plot_GrowthCurveFit and plot a growth curve for luminescence data (Lx/Tx...
plot_HistogramPlot a histogram with separate error plot
plot_KDEPlot kernel density estimate with statistics
plot_NRtVisualise natural/regenerated signal ratios
plot_RadialPlotFunction to create a Radial Plot
plot_Risoe.BINfileDataPlot single luminescence curves from a BIN file object
plot_RLumGeneral plot function for RLum S4 class objects
plot_RLum.AnalysisPlot function for an RLum.Analysis S4 class object
plot_RLum.Data.CurvePlot function for an RLum.Data.Curve S4 class object
plot_RLum.Data.ImagePlot function for an 'RLum.Data.Image' S4 class object
plot_RLum.Data.SpectrumPlot function for an RLum.Data.Spectrum S4 class object
plot_RLum.ResultsPlot function for an RLum.Results S4 class object
plot_ViolinPlotCreate a violin plot
PSL2Risoe.BINfileDataConvert portable OSL data to an Risoe.BINfileData object
read_BIN2RImport Risø BIN/BINX-files into R
read_Daybreak2RImport measurement data produced by a Daybreak TL/OSL reader...
read_PSL2RImport PSL files to R
read_SPE2RImport Princeton Intruments (TM) SPE-file into R
read_XSYG2RImport XSYG files to R
replicate_RLumGeneral replication function for RLum S4 class objects
report_RLumCreate a HTML-report for (RLum) objects
Risoe.BINfileData2RLum.AnalysisConvert Risoe.BINfileData object to an RLum.Analysis object
Risoe.BINfileData-classClass '"Risoe.BINfileData"'
RLum.Analysis-classClass '"RLum.Analysis"'
RLum-classClass '"RLum"'
RLum.Data-classClass '"RLum.Data"'
RLum.Data.Curve-classClass '"RLum.Data.Curve"'
RLum.Data.Image-classClass '"RLum.Data.Image"'
RLum.Data.Spectrum-classClass '"RLum.Data.Spectrum"'
RLum.Results-classClass '"RLum.Results"'
scale_GammaDoseCalculate the gamma dose deposited within a sample taking...
Second2GrayConverting equivalent dose values from seconds (s) to gray...
set_Risoe.BINfileDataGeneral accessor function for RLum S4 class objects
set_RLumGeneral set function for RLum S4 class objects
smooth_RLumSmoothing of data
sTevesTeve - sophisticated tool for efficient data validation and...
structure_RLumGeneral structure function for RLum S4 class objects
template_DRACCreate a DRAC input data template (v1.2)
tune_DataTune data for experimental purpose
use_DRACUse DRAC to calculate dose rate data
verify_SingleGrainDataVerify single grain data sets and check for invalid grains,...
write_R2BINExport Risoe.BINfileData into Risø BIN/BINX-file
write_RLum2CSVExport RLum-objects to CSV
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