MAINT.Data: Model and Analyse Interval Data

Implements methodologies for modelling interval data by Normal and Skew-Normal distributions, considering appropriate parameterizations of the variance-covariance matrix that takes into account the intrinsic nature of interval data, and lead to four different possible configuration structures. The Skew-Normal parameters can be estimated by maximum likelihood, while Normal parameters may be estimated by maximum likelihood or robust trimmed maximum likelihood methods.

AuthorPedro Duarte Silva <>, Paula Brito <>
Date of publication2016-12-31 16:47:30
MaintainerPedro Duarte Silva <>

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Man pages

BestModel-methods: Methods for function BestModel in Package 'MAINT.Data'

CarsData: Cars Data Set

ChinaTemp: China Temperatures Data Set

coef-methods: Methods for function coef in Package 'MAINT.Data'

ConfTests-class: Class "Configuration Tests"

DACrossVal: Cross Validation for Discriminant Analysis Classification...

da-methods: Discriminant Analysis of Interval Data

extmatrix: Class "extmatrix"

fasttle-methods: Methods for Function fasttle in Package 'MAINT.Data'

fulltle-methods: Methods for Function fulltle in Package 'MAINT.Data'

IData: Interval Data objects

IData-class: Class "IData"

IdtE-class: Class "IdtE"

Idtlda-class: Class "Idtlda"

IdtMANOVA-class: Class "IdtMANOVA"

IdtMxE-class: Class "IdtMxE"

IdtMxNandSNDE-class: Class "IdtMxNandSNDE"

IdtMxNDE-class: Class "IdtMxNDE"

IdtMxNDRE-class: Class "IdtMxNDE"

IdtMxSNDE-class: Class "IdtMxSNDE"

IdtNandSNDE-class: Class "IdtNandSNDE"

IdtNDE-class: Class "IdtNDE"

Idtqda-class: Class "Idtqda"

IdtSNDE-class: Class "IdtSNDE"

IdtSNgenda-class: Class "IdtSNgenda"

IdtSngNandSNDE-class: Class "IdtSngNandSNDE"

IdtSngNDE-class: Class "IdtSngNDE"

IdtSngNDRE-class: Class "IdtSngNDRE"

IdtSngSNDE-class: Class "IdtSngSNDE"

IdtSNlocda-class: Class "IdtSNlocda"

LRTest-class: Class "LRTest"

MAINT.Data-internal: Operators, functions and other Internal MAINT.Data objects.

MAINT.Data-package: Modelling and Analizing Interval Data

MANOVA-methods: Methods for Function MANOVA in Package 'MAINT.Data'

mle-methods: Methods for Function mle in Package 'MAINT.Data'

RepLOptim: Repeated Local Optimization

RobEstControl: Constructor function for objects of class "RobEstControl"

RobEstControl-class: Class 'RobEstControl' - contains control parameters for the...

RobMxtDEst-methods: Methods for Function RobMxtDEst in Package 'MAINT.Data'

stdEr-methods: Methods for function stdEr in Package 'MAINT.Data'

testMod-methods: Methods for Function testMod in Package 'MAINT.Data'

vcov-methods: Methods for function vcov in Package 'MAINT.Data'


b Man page
b0 Man page
b2 Man page
BestModel Man page
BestModel,IData-method Man page
BestModel,IdtE-method Man page
BestModel-methods Man page
C1CovPar Man page
C1CPgrad Man page
c2cind Man page
C2CovPar Man page
C2CPgrad Man page
C2GetCov Man page
C2GetCovStderr Man page
C2RestCovInd Man page
c2rfind Man page
C3CovPar Man page
C3CPgrad Man page
C3RestCovInd Man page
C4CovPar Man page
C4CPgrad Man page
C4RestCovInd Man page
C5CPgrad Man page
C5RestCovInd Man page
CarsData Man page
cfsbmu0 Man page
ChinaTemp Man page
Cnf2MaxLik Man page
cnvCPtoDP Man page
cnvDPtoCP Man page
coef Man page
coef,IdtNandSNDE-method Man page
coef,IdtNDE-method Man page
coef,IdtSNDE-method Man page
coef-methods Man page
ConfNestedBy Man page
ConfNextModel Man page
ConfTests-class Man page
CovC1toRestCov Man page
CovCase Man page
CovCase,Idtlda-method Man page
CovCase,Idtqda-method Man page
CovCase,IdtSNgenda-method Man page
CovCase,IdtSNlocda-method Man page
CovCase-methods Man page
CovtoParC2 Man page
CPtoDP.ll.grad Man page
DACrossVal Man page
delta.etc Man page
DPll.grad Man page
dvec0ind Man page
dvecind Man page
error Man page
EvalClrule Man page
extmatrix-class Man page
fasttle Man page
fasttle1 Man page
fasttle,IData-method Man page
fasttle-methods Man page
fL Man page
fL2 Man page
fL.grad Man page
fmdind Man page
force.symmetry Man page
FreePar Man page
fulltle Man page
fulltle,IData-method Man page
fulltle-methods Man page
GC2LogLikC.grad Man page
GC2mLogLik Man page
GC2mLogLik.grad Man page
getConfig Man page
GetCovPar Man page
getfskpar Man page
Getvarofsmplmeansbygrp Man page
H0res Man page
H0res,IdtMANOVA-method Man page
H1res Man page
H1res,IdtMANOVA-method Man page
head,IData-method Man page
HetSNmleVCov Man page
IData Man page
==.IData Man page
!=.IData Man page
[<-.IData Man page
[.IData Man page
IData-class Man page
IdtClMANOVA-class Man page
IdtE-class Man page
IdtFDMxtSNmle Man page
IdtGenNSNMANOVA-class Man page
IdtGenSNMANOVA-class Man page
IdtHetMxtNmle Man page
IdtHetNMANOVA-class Man page
Idtlda-class Man page
IdtLocNSNMANOVA-class Man page
IdtLocSNMANOVA-class Man page
IdtMANOVA-class Man page
IdtMxE-class Man page
IdtMxNandSNDE-class Man page
IdtMxNDE-class Man page
IdtMxNDRE-class Man page
IdtMxSNDE-class Man page
IdtMxtNDE-class Man page
IdtNandSNDE-class Man page
IdtNDE-class Man page
IdtNmle Man page
Idtqda-class Man page
IdtSNDE-class Man page
IdtSngDE-class Man page
IdtSNgenda-class Man page
IdtSngNandSNDE-class Man page
IdtSngNDE-class Man page
IdtSngNDRE-class Man page
IdtSngSNDE-class Man page
IdtSNlocda-class Man page
IdtSNmle Man page
Igensnda Man page
Ilda Man page
Ilocsnda Man page
ILogLikDNC Man page
ILogLikNC Man page
ILogLikNC1 Man page
initparconf2 Man page
Iqda Man page
is.IData Man page
lda,IData-method Man page
lda,IdtClMANOVA-method Man page
lda,IdtLocNSNMANOVA-method Man page
lda,IdtMxtNDE-method Man page
lda-methods Man page
lftD Man page
lftDplus Man page
ln2pi Man page
log2Phi Man page
LRTest-class Man page
ltdind Man page
ltind0 Man page
ltind1 Man page
lttoutind Man page
MAINT.Data Man page
MAINT.Data-package Man page
MANOVA Man page
MANOVA,IData-method Man page
MANOVA-methods Man page
MCDcnp2 Man page
MDOtlDet Man page
mle Man page
mle,IData-method Man page
mle-methods Man page
mleNSigC35 Man page
mleNvcovC35 Man page
mleVCov Man page Man page Man page
msnCP.ll.grad Man page Man page
msn.dp2cp Man page
msnDP.ll.grad Man page Man page Man page
mydp2cpMv Man page Man page Man page
mymsn.mle Man page Man page
mysn.infoMv Man page
ncol,IData-method Man page
ncovp Man page
NestedBy Man page
NextModel Man page
NmleVCov Man page
npar Man page
nrow,IData-method Man page
ObsLik.alphagrad Man page
ObsLik.ksigrad Man page
ObsLik.Omegagrad Man page
ObsLogLiks Man page
ObsLogLiks,IdtSngNDE-method Man page
OmgInv.grad Man page
OmgtoOmgbar.grad Man page
PartoMatC2 Man page
pdwt.solve Man page
phioverPhi Man page
predict,Idtlda-method Man page
predict,Idtqda-method Man page
predict,IdtSNgenda-method Man page
predict,IdtSNlocda-method Man page
print,IData-method Man page
print.summaryIData Man page
qda,IData-method Man page
qda,IdtGenNSNMANOVA-method Man page
qda,IdtHetNMANOVA-method Man page
qda,IdtMxtNDE-method Man page
qda-methods Man page
refinementstep Man page
RepLOptim Man page
resdlmfit Man page
RestCov Man page
RestCov.grad Man page
RestCovInd Man page
RestCovj Man page
Rfasttle Man page
Rfulltle Man page
rghtD Man page
RobEstControl Man page
RobEstControl-class Man page
Roblda Man page
Roblda,IData-method Man page
Roblda-methods Man page
RobMxtDEst Man page
RobMxtDEst,IData-method Man page
RobMxtDEst-methods Man page
Robqda Man page
Robqda,IData-method Man page
Robqda-methods Man page
RunfooforallComb Man page
safepdwt.solve Man page
show,ConfTests-method Man page
show,IData-method Man page
show,IdtE-method Man page
show,Idtlda-method Man page
show,IdtMANOVA-method Man page
show,Idtqda-method Man page
show,IdtSNgenda-method Man page
show,IdtSNlocda-method Man page
show,LRTest-method Man page
SigCind Man page
SigEf_alphas Man page
SigEf_betas Man page
SigEf_gammas Man page
SigEf_ps Man page
Sigmagrad Man page
SigmagradCnt Man page
SigmasrgradCnt Man page
SKC1GetStderr Man page
SKC1Getvcov Man page
SKGetStderr Man page
SKGetvcov Man page
SKnpar Man page
SNCMaxLik Man page
SNCnf1MaxLik Man page
snda Man page
snda,IData-method Man page
snda,IdtGenNSNMANOVA-method Man page
snda,IdtGenSNMANOVA-method Man page
snda,IdtLocNSNMANOVA-method Man page
snda,IdtLocSNMANOVA-method Man page
snda-methods Man page
SNVCovscaling Man page
stdEr Man page
stdEr,IdtNandSNDE-method Man page
stdEr,IdtNDE-method Man page
stdEr,IdtSNDE-method Man page
stdEr-methods Man page
Subsmplmle Man page
summary,IData-method Man page
tail,IData-method Man page
testMod Man page
testMod,IdtE-method Man page
testMod-methods Man page
Theta.ll.grad Man page
trialstep Man page
ulbeta02 Man page
utdind Man page
utind0 Man page
utind1 Man page
uttoltind Man page
vcov Man page
vcovCind Man page
VCovGC2LogLikC.grad Man page
vcov,IdtMxNDE-method Man page
vcov,IdtMxSNDE-method Man page
vcov,IdtNandSNDE-method Man page
vcov,IdtNDE-method Man page
vcov,IdtSNDE-method Man page
vcov-methods Man page
zeta1 Man page


MAINT.Data/R/SNmle.R MAINT.Data/R/ MAINT.Data/R/ClasGenMetDef.R MAINT.Data/R/fulltle.R MAINT.Data/R/lqda.R MAINT.Data/R/sknda.R MAINT.Data/R/Rfulltle.R MAINT.Data/R/IdtMaxLikSN.R MAINT.Data/R/RepLOptim.R MAINT.Data/R/ MAINT.Data/R/SkNObsLikGradients.R MAINT.Data/R/pdwt.solve.R
MAINT.Data/R/Rfasttle.R MAINT.Data/R/CPLogLik.grads.R MAINT.Data/R/mle.R MAINT.Data/R/fasttle.R MAINT.Data/R/mleVCOV.R MAINT.Data/R/ MAINT.Data/R/Conversions.R MAINT.Data/R/Azzalini_sn_code.R MAINT.Data/R/CholeskiGradients.R MAINT.Data/R/Robldaqda.R MAINT.Data/R/RestCPMaxLik.R MAINT.Data/R/RobMxtDEst.R MAINT.Data/R/IData.R MAINT.Data/R/IdtMaxLikN.R MAINT.Data/R/DACrossVal.R MAINT.Data/R/CPMaxLik.R MAINT.Data/R/IdtMaxLikNC2.R MAINT.Data/R/feasmu0.R
MAINT.Data/man/IdtNDE-class.Rd MAINT.Data/man/da-methods.Rd MAINT.Data/man/IdtSNgenda-class.Rd MAINT.Data/man/IdtMANOVA-class.Rd MAINT.Data/man/Idtqda-class.Rd MAINT.Data/man/IdtSngSNDE-class.Rd MAINT.Data/man/IdtSngNandSNDE-class.Rd MAINT.Data/man/mle-methods.Rd MAINT.Data/man/RobEstControl-class.Rd MAINT.Data/man/MAINT.Data-internal.Rd MAINT.Data/man/IdtMxE-class.Rd MAINT.Data/man/RepLOptim.Rd MAINT.Data/man/CarsData.Rd MAINT.Data/man/IdtMxNDRE-class.Rd MAINT.Data/man/fasttle-methods.Rd MAINT.Data/man/IdtMxNandSNDE-class.Rd MAINT.Data/man/vcov-methods.Rd MAINT.Data/man/testMod-methods.Rd MAINT.Data/man/ConfTests-class.Rd MAINT.Data/man/IdtSNlocda-class.Rd MAINT.Data/man/IData.Rd MAINT.Data/man/stdEr-methods.Rd MAINT.Data/man/IdtMxSNDE-class.Rd MAINT.Data/man/IdtMxNDE-class.Rd MAINT.Data/man/RobEstControl.Rd MAINT.Data/man/IdtSngNDRE-class.Rd MAINT.Data/man/IdtE-class.Rd MAINT.Data/man/MANOVA-methods.Rd MAINT.Data/man/IdtSngNDE-class.Rd MAINT.Data/man/IdtNandSNDE-class.Rd MAINT.Data/man/IData-class.Rd MAINT.Data/man/coef-methods.Rd MAINT.Data/man/IdtSNDE-class.Rd MAINT.Data/man/LRTest-class.Rd MAINT.Data/man/DACrossVal.Rd MAINT.Data/man/ChinaTemp.Rd MAINT.Data/man/MAINT.Data-package.Rd MAINT.Data/man/RobMxtDEst-methods.Rd MAINT.Data/man/Idtlda-class.Rd MAINT.Data/man/fulltle-methods.Rd MAINT.Data/man/extmatrix.Rd MAINT.Data/man/BestModel-methods.Rd

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