Man pages for MAINT.Data
Model and Analyse Interval Data

AbaloneAbalone Data Set
AgrMcDtAgregate Micro Data
BestModel-methodsMethods for function BestModel in Package 'MAINT.Data'
CarsCars Data Set
ChinaTempChina Temperatures Data Set
coef-methodsMethods for function coef in Package 'MAINT.Data'
ConfMatConfussion Matrices for classification results
ConfTests-classClass "Configuration Tests"
cor-methodsMethods for function cor in Package 'MAINT.Data'
DACrossValCross Validation for Discriminant Analysis Classification...
EMControlConstructor function for objects of class EMControl
EMControl-classEM algorithm control parameters for fitting Gaussian mixtures...
extmatrixClass "extmatrix"
fasttle-methodsMethods for Function fasttle in Package 'MAINT.Data'
fulltle-methodsMethods for Function fulltle in Package 'MAINT.Data'
getIdtOutlGet Interval Data Outliers
IDataInterval Data objects
IData-classClass IData
IdtE-classClass IdtE
Idtlda-classClass "Idtlda"
IdtMANOVA-classClass IdtMANOVA
IdtMclust-classClass IdtMclust
Idtmclust-methodsMethods for function Idtmclust in Package 'MAINT.Data'
IdtMxE-classClass IdtMxE
IdtMxNandSNDE-classClass IdtMxNandSNDE
IdtMxNDE-classClass IdtMxNDE
IdtMxNDRE-classClass IdtMxNDE
IdtMxSNDE-classClass IdtMxSNDE
IdtMxtNDE-classClass IdtMxtNDE
IdtNandSNDE-classClass IdtNandSNDE
IdtNDE-classClass IdtNDE
IDtOutl-classClass IdtOutl
IdtOutl-methodsPlot method for class IdtOutl in Package 'MAINT.Data'
Idtqda-classClass "Idtqda"
IdtSNDE-classClass "IdtSNDE"
IdtSNgenda-classClass "IdtSNgenda"
IdtSngNandSNDE-classClass IdtSngNandSNDE
IdtSngNDE-classClass IdtSngNDE
IdtSngNDRE-classClass IdtSngNDRE
IdtSngSNDE-classClass IdtSngSNDE
IdtSNlocda-classClass "IdtSNlocda"
lda-methodsLinear Discriminant Analysis of Interval Data
LoansbyPurpose_minmaxDtLoans by purpose: minimum and maximum Data Set
LoansbyRskLvs_minmaxDtLoans by risk levels: minimum and maximum Data Set
LoansbyRskLvs_qntlDtLoans by risk levels: ten and ninety per cent quantiles Data...
LRTest-classClass LRTest
MAINT.Data-internalOperators, functions and other Internal MAINT.Data objects.
MAINT.Data-packageModelling and Analizing Interval Data
MANOVA-methodsMethods for Function MANOVA in Package 'MAINT.Data'
MANOVAPermTestMANOVA permutation test
mean-methodsMethods for function mean in Package 'MAINT.Data'
mle-methodsMethods for function mle in Package 'MAINT.Data'
nycflightsNew York City flights Data Set
pcoordplot-methosParallel coordinates plot.
plotInfCrt-methosInformation criteria plot.
plot-methodsMethods for function plot in Package 'MAINT.Data'
qda-methodsQuadratic Discriminant Analysis of Interval Data
qHardRoqFHardin and Rocke F-quantiles
RepLOptimRepeated Local Optimization
Robda-methodsRobust Discriminant Analysis of Interval Data
RobEstControlConstructor function for objects of class RobEstControl
RobEstControl-classClass 'RobEstControl' - contains control parameters for the...
RobMxtDEst-methodsMethods for Function RobMxtDEst in Package 'MAINT.Data'
snda-methodsSkew-Normal Discriminant Analysis of Interval Data
stdEr-methodsMethods for function stdEr in Package 'MAINT.Data'
summary-methodsIdtMclust summary method
testMod-methodsMethods for Function testMod in Package 'MAINT.Data'
var-methodsMethods for function var in Package 'MAINT.Data'
vcov-methodsMethods for function vcov in Package 'MAINT.Data'
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