nycflights: New York City flights Data Set

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A interval-valued data set containing 142 units and four interval-valued variables (dep_delay, arr_delay, air_time and distance), created from from the flights data set in the R package nycflights13 (on-time data for all flights that departed the JFK, LGA or EWR airports in 2013), after removing all rows with missing observations, and aggregating by month and carrier.




FlightsDF: A data frame containing the original 327346 valid (i.e. with non missing values) flights from the nycflights13 package, described by the 4 variables: dep_delay, arr_delay, air_time and distance.
FlightsUnits: A factor with 327346 observations and 142 levels, indicating the month by carrier combination to which each orginal flight belongs to.
FlightsIdt: An IData object with 142 observations and 4 interval-valued variables, describing the intervals formed by agregating the FlightsDF microdata by the 0.05 and 0.95 quantiles of the subsamples formed by FlightsUnits factor.

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