IdtNDE-class: Class "IdtNDE"

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IdtNDE is a class union used for storing the estimation results of Normal modelizations for Interval Data.



signature(coef = "IdtNDE"): extracts parameter estimates from objects of type IdtNDE


signature(x = "IdtNDE"): extracts standard errors from objects of type IdtNDE


signature(x = "IdtNDE"): extracts an estimate of the variance-covariance matrix of the paramenters estimators for objects of type IdtNDE


Brito, P., Duarte Silva, A. P. (2012), Modelling Interval Data with Normal and Skew-Normal Distributions. Journal of Applied Statistics 39(1), 3–20.

See Also

IData, mle, fasttle, fulltle, MANOVA, RobMxtDEst, IdtSngNDE, IdtMxNDE

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