MDPtoolbox: Markov Decision Processes Toolbox

The Markov Decision Processes (MDP) toolbox proposes functions related to the resolution of discrete-time Markov Decision Processes: finite horizon, value iteration, policy iteration, linear programming algorithms with some variants and also proposes some functions related to Reinforcement Learning.

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AuthorIadine Chades, Guillaume Chapron, Marie-Josee Cros, Frederick Garcia, Regis Sabbadin
Date of publication2017-03-03 18:01:56
MaintainerGuillaume Chapron <>
LicenseBSD_3_clause + file LICENSE

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Man pages

mdp_bellman_operator: Applies the Bellman operator

mdp_check: Checks the validity of a MDP

mdp_check_square_stochastic: Checks if a matrix is square and stochastic

mdp_computePpolicyPRpolicy: Computes the transition matrix and the reward matrix for a...

mdp_computePR: Computes a reward matrix for any form of transition and...

mdp_eval_policy_iterative: Evaluates a policy using an iterative method

mdp_eval_policy_matrix: Evaluates a policy using matrix inversion and product

mdp_eval_policy_optimality: Computes sets of 'near optimal' actions for each state

mdp_eval_policy_TD_0: Evaluates a policy using the TD(0) algorithm

mdp_example_forest: Generates a MDP for a simple forest management problem

mdp_example_rand: Generates a random MDP problem

mdp_finite_horizon: Solves finite-horizon MDP using backwards induction algorithm

mdp_LP: Solves discounted MDP using linear programming algorithm

mdp_policy_iteration: Solves discounted MDP using policy iteration algorithm

mdp_policy_iteration_modified: Solves discounted MDP using modified policy iteration...

mdp_Q_learning: Solves discounted MDP using the Q-learning algorithm...

mdp_relative_value_iteration: Solves MDP with average reward using relative value iteration...

mdp_span: Evaluates the span of a vector

MDPtoolbox-package: Markov Decision Processes Toolbox

mdp_value_iteration: Solves discounted MDP using value iteration algorithm

mdp_value_iteration_bound_iter: Computes a bound for the number of iterations for the value...

mdp_value_iterationGS: Solves discounted MDP using Gauss-Seidel's value iteration...


mdp_bellman_operator Man page
mdp_check Man page
mdp_check_square_stochastic Man page
mdp_computePpolicyPRpolicy Man page
mdp_computePR Man page
mdp_eval_policy_iterative Man page
mdp_eval_policy_matrix Man page
mdp_eval_policy_optimality Man page
mdp_eval_policy_TD_0 Man page
mdp_example_forest Man page
mdp_example_rand Man page
mdp_finite_horizon Man page
mdp_LP Man page
mdp_policy_iteration Man page
mdp_policy_iteration_modified Man page
mdp_Q_learning Man page
mdp_relative_value_iteration Man page
mdp_span Man page
MDPtoolbox Man page
MDPtoolbox-package Man page
mdp_value_iteration Man page
mdp_value_iteration_bound_iter Man page
mdp_value_iterationGS Man page

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