MGLM: Multivariate Response Generalized Linear Models

Provides functions that (1) fit multivariate discrete distributions, (2) generate random numbers from multivariate discrete distributions, and (3) run regression and penalized regression on the multivariate categorical response data. Implemented models include: multinomial logit model, Dirichlet multinomial model, generalized Dirichlet multinomial model, and negative multinomial model. Making the best of the minorization-maximization (MM) algorithm and Newton-Raphson method, we derive and implement stable and efficient algorithms to find the maximum likelihood estimates. On a multi-core machine, multi-threading is supported.

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AuthorYiwen Zhang <> and Hua Zhou <>
Date of publication2017-03-27 15:21:50 UTC
MaintainerYiwen Zhang <>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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ddirm Man page
dgdirm Man page
dist Man page Man page
DMD.DM.reg Man page Man page
DMD.GDM.reg Man page
DMD.MN.reg Man page
DMD.NegMN.Alpha.reg Man page Man page
DMD.NegMN.reg Man page
dmn Man page
dmultn Man page
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glm.private Man page
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lsq_threshold Man page
lsq_thresholding Man page
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MGLMsparsereg-class Man page Man page
MGLMtune Man page
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objfun Man page
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objfun.hessian Man page
predict,ANY-method Man page
predict-methods Man page
predict,MGLMreg-method Man page
print,ANY-method Man page
print-methods Man page
print,MGLMfit-method Man page
print,MGLMreg-method Man page
print,MGLMsparsereg-method Man page
print, MGLMtune-method Man page
print,MGLMtune-method Man page
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