Man pages for MGLM
Multivariate Response Generalized Linear Models

AICAkaike's Information Criterion (AIC)
BICBayesian information criterion (BIC)
coefExtract Model Coefficients
dirmnThe Dirichlet Multinomial Distribution
distDetails of the distributions
dofExtract degrees of freedom
gdirmnThe Generalized Dirichlet Multinomial Distribution
krKhatri-Rao product of two matrices
logLikExtract log-likelihood
maxlambdaExtract maximum lambda
MGLM-deprecatedDeprecated function(s) in the MGLM package
MGLMfitFit multivariate discrete distributions
MGLMfit-classClass '"MGLMfit"'
MGLM-packageMGLM: A package for multivariate response generalized linear...
MGLMregFit multivariate response GLM regression
MGLMreg-classClass '"MGLMreg"'
MGLMsparseregFit multivariate GLM sparse regression
MGLMsparsereg-classClass '"MGLMsparsereg"'
MGLMtuneChoose the tuning parameter value in sparse regression
MGLMtune-classClass '"MGLMtune"'
mnThe Multinomial Distribution
negmnThe Negative Multinomial Distribution
pathExtract path
pkg-internalInternal Functions
predictPredict method for MGLM Fits
rnaseqRNA-seq count data
showShow an object
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