kr: Khatri-Rao product of two matrices

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Khatri-Rao product of two matrices


Return the Khatri-Rao product of two matrices, which is a column-wise Kronecker product.


kr(A, B, w, byrow = TRUE)


A, B

matrices. The two matrices A and B should have the same number of columns. We also give the user an option to do row-wise Kronecker product, to avoid transpose. When doing row-wise Kronecker product, the number of rows of A and B should be the same.


the weights vector. The length of the vector should match with the dimension of the matrices. If performing column-wise Kronecker product, the length of w should be the same as the column number of A and B. If performing row-wise Kronecker prodoct, the length of w should be the same as the row number of A and B. The default is a vector of 1 if no value provided.


a logical variable controlling whether to perform row/column-wise Kronecker product. The default is byrow=TRUE.


The column/row-wise Kronecker product.


A matrix of the Khatri-Rao product.


Yiwen Zhang and Hua Zhou


X <- matrix(rnorm(30), 10, 3)
Y <- matrix(runif(50), 10, 5)
C <- kr(X, Y)

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