Man pages for MPR.genotyping
Maximum Parsimony of Recombination to Infer Parental Genotypes

base2AlleleGet Initial Allele from SNP Matrix
base2GenoFormatting the Matrix of SNP to Int Type
base2Geno_oriFormatting the Matrix of SNP to Int Type(NA)
checkDataData for check
correctFUNHMMcorrect FUN HMM
correctGenoCorrect Geno
findBlockAndFilterfind Block And Filter
fSNPExample data of negative SNP
geno2Crossgeno to Cross
genoToBingeno To Bin
genotypeCallsBayesgenotype Calls by Bayes
globalMPRByMarkersMPR inference in whole chromosome
globalMPRRefinerefine SNPs by resampling
globalMPRwithoutMarkersMPR without Markers
hmm.vitFUN.rilsGenotyping by HMM
localMPRinfer parental genotypes by minimizing the number of...
makeEmissionFUNemission of HMM
markerDataData of Markers
mergeBinMapmerge Bin Map
mergeBlocksmerge Blocks
MPR.genotyping-packageMaximum Parsimony of Recombination to Infer Parental...
myBaseDataExample SNP data(smaller)
NumRecomEventscalculate the number of recombination events
phenoDatadata of phenotype
phy2get.haldane.rilstransition of HMM
snpDataExample SNP data
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