Man pages for MethComp
Analysis of Agreement in Method Comparison Studies

abconvDerive linear conversion coefficients from a set of...
AltRegEstimate in a method comparison model with replicates
AnconaData from a rating experiment of recorgnizing point counts.
BA.estBias and variance components for a Bland-Altman plot.
bothlinesAdd regression lines to a plot
cardiacMeasurement of cardiac output by two different methods.
CardOutputMeasurements of Cardiac output.
check.transFunctions to handle transformations of measurement results.
choose.transFunctions to handle transformations of measurement results.
corr.measuresClassical association measures
DA2yConvert DA to (classical) regression
DA.regMake a regression of differences on averages
DemingRegression with errors in both variables (Deming regression)
endsFunction to identify the extremes of a vector
EnzymeEnzyme activity data
fatMeasurements of subcutaneous and visceral fat
glucoseGlucose measurements by different methods
hba1cMeasurements of HbA1c from Steno Diabetes Center
hba.MCA MCmcmc object from the hba1c data
MCmcmcFit a model for method comparison studies using WinBUGS
MethCreate a Meth object representing a method comparison study
MethCompSummarize conversion equations and prediction intervals...
Meth.simSimulate a dataframe containing replicate measurements on the...
middleFunction to identify the middle of a vector
milkMeasurement of fat content of human milk by two different...
oxMeasurement of oxygen saturation in blood
ox.MCA MCmcmc object from the oximetry data.
pairsCreate a pairs plot for an MCmcmc object
PBregPassing-Bablok regression
PEFRPeak Expiratory Flow Rate (PEFR) measurements with Wright...
perm.replManipulate the replicate numbering within (item,method)
plotBland-Altman plot of differences versus averages.
plot.MCmcmcPlot estimated conversion lines and formulae.
plot.MethCompSummarize conversion equations and prediction intervals...
plvolMeasurements of plasma volume measured by two different...
predictPredict results from PBreg object
printPrint a MCmcmc object
rainmanPerception of points in a swarm
sample.MethSample Meth object with replacement
sbpSystolic blood pressure measured by three different methods.
sbp.MCA MCmcmc object from the sbp data
scintRelative renal function by Scintigraphy
subsetSubset an MCmcmc object
summary.MethSummary for Meth obect
TDICompute Lin's Total deviation index
to.longFunctions to convert between long and wide representations of...
to.wideFunctions to convert between long and wide representations of...
trace.MCmcmcFunctions to graphically assess the convergence of the...
VitCapMerits of two instruments designed to measure certain aspects...
y2DAConvert DA to (classical) regression
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