Man pages for MiRSEA
'MicroRNA' Set Enrichment Analysis

Corrp2miRfilecreate a pathway-microRNA(miRNA) profile and a p value matrix
EnrichmentScoreComputes the enrichment score
EnrichmentScore2Computes the enrichment score faster
envDataThe variables in the environment include predefine pathway,...
GetExampleDataGet the example data
GetMiRTargetDataGet the data of microRNA(miRNA) and target genes
GetPathwayDataGet the gene sets of pathways
HeatMapPlotPlot a heatmap
MirSEAIdentify dysregulated pathways based on microRNA (miRNA) set...
MiRSEA-internalMiRSEA internal functions
MiRSEA-packageMicroRNA Set Enrichment Analysis
MsReportProduce report for a microRNA (abbreviated miRNA) set
PlotCorrelationPlot global microRNA(miRNA) correlation profile
PlotHeatMapPlot a heat map
PlotRunEnrichmentPlot running microRNAs(miRNAs) enrichment score
S2Ncalculate signal to noise ratio for microRNAs(miRNAs)
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