data_olea: Data: Outline coordinates of olive seeds open outlines.

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Data: Outline coordinates of olive seeds open outlines.


An Opn object with the outline coordinates of olive seeds.


We thank Jean-Frederic Terral and Sarah Ivorra (UMR CBAE, Montpellier, France) from allowing us to share the data.

You can have a look to the original paper: Terral J-F, Alonso N, Capdevila RB i, Chatti N, Fabre L, Fiorentino G, Marinval P, Jorda GP, Pradat B, Rovira N, et al. 2004. Historical biogeography of olive domestication (Olea europaea L.) as revealed by geometrical morphometry applied to biological and archaeological material. Journal of Biogeography 31: 63-77.

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