Find ax[1:2] indicators using Coale-Demeny coefficients Here...

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Find ax[1:2] indicators using Coale-Demeny coefficients Here we adjust the first two values of ax to account for infant mortality more accurately


1, mx, ax, sex)



Vector of ages at the beginning of the age interval.


Life table death rate in age interval [x, x+n).


Numeric scalar. Subject-time alive in age-interval for those who die in the same interval. If NULL this will be estimated. A common assumption is ax = 0.5, i.e. the deaths occur in the middle of the interval. Default: NULL.


Sex of the population considered here. Default: NULL. This argument affects the first two values in the life table ax column. If sex is specified the values are computed based on the Coale-Demeny method and are slightly different for males than for females. Options: NULL, male, female, total.

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