Man pages for MortalityLaws
Parametric Mortality Models, Life Tables and HMD

addDetailsDepending on the chosen mortality law, additional details...
ahmdMortalityLaws Test Data
AIC.MortalityLawAIC function for MortalityLaw
availableHMDCheck Data Availability in HMD
availableLawsCheck Available Mortality Laws
availableLFCheck Available Loss Function
beardBeard Model - 1971
beard_makehamMakeham-Beard Model - 1971
bring_parametersBring or Rename Starting Parameters in the Law Functions
carriere1Carriere Mortality Law - 1992
carriere2Carriere Mortality Law - 1992
check_input_ReadHMDCheck input ReadHMD
check.MortalityLawFunction to check input data in MortalityLaw
choose_optimSelect an optimizing method
coale.demeny.axFind ax[1:2] indicators using Coale-Demeny coefficients Here...
compute.axFind ax indicator
convertFxConvert Life Table Indicators
deviance.MortalityLawdeviance function for MortalityLaw
df.residual.MortalityLawdf.residual function for MortalityLaw
dx_lxdx to lx that identifies the case/problem we have to solve
ggompertzGamma-Gompertz Model as in Vaupel et al. (1979)
gompertzGompertz Mortality Law - 1825
gompertz0Gompertz Mortality Law - informative parameterization
head_tailSummary function - display head and tail in a single...
HMDcountriesCountry codes
HPHeligman-Pollard Mortality Law - 8 parameters - 1980
HP2Heligman-Pollard 2 Mortality Law - 8 parameters
HP3Heligman-Pollard 3 Mortality Law - 9 parameters
HP4Heligman-Pollard 4 Mortality Law - 9 parameters
invgompertzInverse-Gompertz Mortality Law - informative parameterization
invweibullInverse-Weibull Mortality Law
kannistoKannisto Mortality Law - 1998
kannisto_makehamKannisto-Makeham Mortality Law - 1998
kostakiKostaki Model - 1992
LawTableCompute Life Tables from Parameters of a Mortality Law
LifeTableCompute Life Tables from Mortality Data
LifeTable.checkCheck LifeTable input
logLik.MortalityLawlogLik function for MortalityLaw
makehamMakeham Mortality Law - 1860
makeham0Makeham Mortality Law - informative parameterization
martinelleMartinelle Model - 1987
MortalityLawFit Mortality Laws
MortalityLawsMortalityLaws: Parametric Mortality Models, Life Tables and...
mx_qxmx to qx
objective_funFunction to be Optimize
oppermanOpperman Mortality Law - 1870
perksPerks Model - 1932
plot.MortalityLawPlot Function for MortalityLaw
predict.MortalityLawPredict function for MortalityLaw
print.availableHMDPrint for availableHMD
print.availableLawsPrint availableLaws
print.availableLFPrint availableLF
print.LifeTablePrint LifeTable
print.MortalityLawPrint MortalityLaw
print.ReadHMDPrint ReadHMD
print.summary.MortalityLawPrint summary.MortalityLaw
quadraticQuadratic Model
ReadHMDDownload Mortality and Population Data (HMD)
ReadHMD.coreFunction to Download Data for a one Country
rogersplanckRogers-Planck Model - 1983
scale_xScaling method for x vector
silerSiler Mortality Law - 1979
strehler_mildvanStrehler-Mildvan Model - 1960
summary.MortalityLawSummary MortalityLaw
thieleThiele Mortality Law - 1871
uxAbove100Educate mx or qx on how to behave above age 100 if it gets in...
vandermaenVan der Maen Model - 1943
vandermaen2Van der Maen 2 Model - 1943
weibullWeibull Mortality Law - 1939
wittsteinWittstein Mortality Law - 1883
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