thiele: Thiele Mortality Law - 1871

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Thiele Mortality Law - 1871


thiele(x, par = NULL)



vector of age at the beginning of the age classes


parameters of the selected model. If NULL the default values will be assigned automatically.


thiele(x = 0:100)

Example output

  [1] 2.484000e-02 1.844173e-02 1.370729e-02 1.020623e-02 7.619748e-03
  [6] 5.711794e-03 4.307642e-03 3.278004e-03 2.527284e-03 1.984864e-03
 [11] 1.598662e-03 1.330359e-03 1.151871e-03 1.042733e-03 9.881764e-04
 [16] 9.777053e-04 1.004051e-03 1.062406e-03 1.149883e-03 1.265518e-03
 [21] 1.415420e-03 1.651981e-03 2.201405e-03 3.485019e-03 5.398312e-03
 [26] 6.592717e-03 6.062417e-03 4.823854e-03 4.236344e-03 4.415390e-03
 [31] 4.951020e-03 5.628847e-03 6.408847e-03 7.297889e-03 8.310548e-03
 [36] 9.463922e-03 1.077751e-02 1.227354e-02 1.397730e-02 1.591764e-02
 [41] 1.812738e-02 2.064391e-02 2.350983e-02 2.677362e-02 3.049054e-02
 [46] 3.472347e-02 3.954406e-02 4.503389e-02 5.128586e-02 5.840579e-02
 [51] 6.651417e-02 7.574822e-02 8.626422e-02 9.824014e-02 1.118787e-01
 [56] 1.274106e-01 1.450988e-01 1.652426e-01 1.881830e-01 2.143081e-01
 [61] 2.440602e-01 2.779427e-01 3.165290e-01 3.604722e-01 4.105160e-01
 [66] 4.675073e-01 5.324106e-01 6.063242e-01 6.904993e-01 7.863602e-01
 [71] 8.955293e-01 1.019854e+00 1.161439e+00 1.322680e+00 1.506305e+00
 [76] 1.715423e+00 1.953572e+00 2.224784e+00 2.533647e+00 2.885389e+00
 [81] 3.285963e+00 3.742147e+00 4.261664e+00 4.853304e+00 5.527080e+00
 [86] 6.294395e+00 7.168236e+00 8.163391e+00 9.296701e+00 1.058735e+01
 [91] 1.205717e+01 1.373105e+01 1.563731e+01 1.780821e+01 2.028050e+01
 [96] 2.309600e+01 2.630239e+01 2.995390e+01 3.411235e+01 3.884812e+01
[101] 4.424134e+01

       A        B        C        D        E       F_        G 
 0.02474  0.30000  0.00400  0.50000 25.00000  0.00010  0.13000 

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