ReadHMD.core: Function to Download Data for a one Country

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Function to Download Data for a one Country


ReadHMD.core(what, country, interval, username, password, link)



What type of data are you looking for? The following options might be available for some or all the countries and regions:

  • "births" – birth records;

  • "Dx_lexis" – deaths by Lexis triangles;

  • "Ex_lexis" – exposure-to-risk by Lexis triangles;

  • "population" – population size;

  • "Dx" – death counts;

  • "Ex" – exposure-to-risk;

  • "mx" – central death-rates;

  • "LT_f" – period life tables for females;

  • "LT_m" – period life tables for males;

  • "LT_t" – period life tables both sexes combined;

  • "e0" – period life expectancy at birth;

  • "Exc" – cohort exposures;

  • "mxc" – cohort death-rates;

  • "LT_fc" – cohort life tables for females;

  • "LT_mc" – cohort life tables for males;

  • "LT_tc" – cohort life tables both sexes combined;

  • "e0c" – cohort life expectancy at birth;


HMD country code for the selected country. Character;


Datasets are given in various age and time formats based on which the records are agregated. Interval options:

  • "1x1" – by age and year;

  • "1x5" – by age and 5-year time interval;

  • "1x10" – by age and 10-year time interval;

  • "5x1" – by 5-year age group and year;

  • "5x5" – by 5-year age group and 5-year time interval;

  • "5x10" –by 5-year age group and 10-year time interval.


Your HMD username. If you don't have one you can sign up for free on the Human Mortality Database website.


Your HMD password.


the main link to the database.

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