Man pages for MuMIn
Multi-Model Inference

AICcSecond-order Akaike Information Criterion
arm.glmAdaptive Regression by Mixing
BGweightsBates-Granger minimal variance model weights
bootWeightsBootstrap model weights
coefplotPlot model coefficients
cos2weightsCos-squared model weights
data-BeetleFlour beetle mortality data
data-CementCement hardening data
data-GPAGrade Point Average data
dredgeAutomated model selection
exprApplyApply a function to calls inside an expression
get.modelsRetrieve models from selection table
ICsVarious information criteria
jackknifeWeightsJackknifed model weights
looLeave-one-out cross-validation
manip-formulaManipulate model formulas
merge.model.selectionCombine model selection tables
model.avgModel averaging
model.selmodel selection table
model.selection.objectDescription of Model Selection Objects
model-utilsModel utility functions
MuMIn-packageMulti-model inference
nestedIdentify nested models
par.avgParameter averaging
pdredgeAutomated model selection using parallel computation
plot.model.selectionVisualize model selection table
predict.averagingPredict method for averaged models
QICQIC and quasi-Likelihood for GEE
r.squaredGLMMPseudo-R-squared for Generalized Mixed-Effect models
r.squaredLRLikelihood-ratio based pseudo-R-squared
stackingWeightsStacking model weights
std.coefStandardized model coefficients
stdizeStandardize data
subset.model.selectionSubsetting model selection table
sumofweightsPer-variable sum of model weights
supported-classesList of supported models
updateableMake a function return updateable result
WeightsAkaike weights
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