Man pages for MultiSV
MultiSV: an R package for identification of structural variations in multiple populations based on whole genome resequencing

Bin2MultiSVRead data using configuration file
CallMultiSVA Method to identify MultiSV from RDbin files for different...
CmptMltPvlCompute Pvals of MultiSVs
ComputeBinCountsCompute read counts in bins from read hits.
GetTestCfgFileFunction with MultiSV input example
gtExEsproc information
IdfMltSVCall MultiSVs
MultiSVDataRD Data
MultiSVExampleMultiSV Example
PrbMltFit linear mixed model
PrepMultiDtPrepare MultiSV data
PrepMultiDtLgMnPrepare MultiSV data
ProcMutilDtProcess Multi Data
WriteMultiSVOutput MultiSVs
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