Man pages for NHPoisson
Modelling and Validation of Non Homogeneous Poisson Processes

addAIC.funCalculate the AIC for all one-covariate additions to the...
BarTxTnBarcelona temperature data
CalcResD.funCalculate NHPP residuals on disjoint intervals
CalcRes.funCalculate NHPP residuals on overlapping intervals
CIdelta.funConfidence intervals for lambda(t) using delta method
CItran.funConfidence intervals for lambda(t) based on transformation
confintAsin.funCompute confidence intervals for the beta parameters
dropAIC.funCalculate the AIC for all one-covariate deletions from the...
emplambdaD.funEmpirical occurrence rates of a NHPP on disjoint intervals
emplambda.funEmpirical occurrence rates of a NHPP on overlapping intervals
extractAIC-methodsMethod 'mle' for Function 'extractAIC'
fitPP.funFit a non homogeneous Poisson Process
GenEnv.funCalculation of simulated envelopes
globalval.funPerform a global validation analysis for a NHPP
graphrate.funPlot fitted and empirical PP occurrence rates
graphResCov.funPerform lurking variable plots for a set of variables
graphres.funPlot NHPP residuals versus time or monotonous variables
graphresU.funValidation analysis of PP uniform (generalized) residuals
graphResX.funPerform a lurking variable plot
LRTpv.funCalculate the p-value of a likelihood ratio test for each...
mlePP-classClass '"mlePP"' for results of maximum likelihood estimation...
NHPoisson-packageStatistical modelling of non homogeneous Poisson processes
POTevents.funCalculate extreme events using a POT approach
profile-methodsMethod 'mlePP' for Function 'profile'
resQQplot.funPerform a qqplot for the residuals of a NHPP
simNHP.funGenerate the occurrence points of a NHPP
stepAICmle.funChoose the best PP model by AIC in a stepwise algorithm
testlik.funLikelihood ratio test to compare two nested models
transfH.funTransform a NHPP into a HPP
unifres.funCalculate exponential and uniform (generalized) residuals of...
VARbeta.funCalculate the covariance matrix of the \hat beta vector.
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