Man pages for NIPTeR
Fast and Accurate Trisomy Prediction in Non-Invasive Prenatal Testing

add_samples_controlgroupAdd a sample to an existing control group
as_control_groupConvert list of nipt samples to nipt control group
bin_bam_sampleLoad and bin BAM file
calculate_ncv_scoreUse an NCV template to calculate a NCV score for sample of...
calculate_z_scoreCalculate 'standard' Z-score
chi_correctPerforms chi-square based variation reduction
chrfractionsCalculate chromosomal fraction
diagnose_control_groupDiagnose control group
gc_correctPerform a GC bias correction on nipt sample
getcontrolchromosomesGet control chromosomes names
getfractionscontrolgroupGet all chromosomal fractions of a control group
getreadscontrolgroupGet reads per chromosome per control group sample
match_control_groupBest matching control group by least sum of squares
perform_regressionRegression based Z score
prepare_ncvPrepare NCV calculation
remove_duplicates_controlgroupRemove duplicate samples from control group
remove_sample_controlgroupRemove a sample by samplename from control group
retrieve_fractions_of_interestRetrieve the chromosomal fractions of a chromosome of...
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