nm_tran: Run NMTRAN step of a NONMEM job

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Run NMTRAN step of a NONMEM job



This is the function behind the "nm_tran" RStudio 'Addin', which is the recommended way to use this functionality. Highlight your code (e.g see examples below for a code segment), and then open the "nm_tran" RStudio 'Addin'.

Useful especially on grid infrastructures where it may take a while for NONMEM to start return control file and dataset errors. Runs initial NMTRAN step of NONMEM in a temporary directory where control file and dataset checks are performed. Stops before running NONMEM.





An nm object.


The same x object is returned, called for side effects.

See Also

run_nm(), nm_tran_command() for configuration.


## requires NONMEM to be installed

## Not run: 

## highlight the code below and use the "nm_tran" RStudio 'Addin'

m1 <- new_nm(run_id = "m1",
             based_on = "staging/Models/ADVAN2.mod",
             data_path = "DerivedData/data.csv") %>%
  cmd("execute {ctl_name} -dir={run_dir}") %>%
  fill_input() %>%
  init_theta(init = c(-2, 0.5, 1)) %>%
  init_sigma(init = c(0.1, 0.1)) %>%

## End(Not run)

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