Man pages for OpenSpecy
Analyze, Process, Identify, and Share Raman and (FT)IR Spectra

adj_intensAdjust spectral intensities to absorbance units.
adj_rangeRange restriction and flattening for spectra
as_OpenSpecyCreate 'OpenSpecy' objects
conform_specConform spectra to a standard wavenumber series
data_normNormalization and conversion of spectral data
def_featuresDefine features
gen_OpenSpecyGeneric Open Specy Methods
human_tsCreate human readable timestamps
interactive_plotsInteractive plots for OpenSpecy objects
io_specRead and write spectral data
make_relMake spectral intensities relative
manage_libManage spectral libraries
manage_specManage spectral objects
match_specIdentify and filter spectra
OpenSpecy-packageOpenSpecy: Analyze, Process, Identify, and Share Raman and...
process_specProcess Spectra
raman_hdpeSample Raman spectrum
read_enviRead ENVI data
read_extRead spectral data
read_multiRead spectral data from multiple files
read_opusRead spectral data from Bruker OPUS binary files
read_opus_rawRead a Bruker OPUS spectrum binary raw string
run_appRun Open Specy app
share_specShare data with the Open Specy community
sig_noiseCalculate signal and noise metrics for OpenSpecy objects
smooth_intensSmooth spectral intensities
spec_resSpectral resolution
subtr_baselineAutomated background subtraction for spectral data
test_libTest reference library
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