data_norm: Normalization and conversion of spectral data

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Normalization and conversion of spectral data


adj_res() and conform_res() are helper functions to align wavenumbers in terms of their spectral resolution. adj_neg() converts numeric intensities y < 1 into values >= 1, keeping absolute differences between intensity values by shifting each value by the minimum intensity. make_rel() converts intensities y into relative values between 0 and 1 using the standard normalization equation. If na.rm is TRUE, missing values are removed before the computation proceeds.


adj_res(x, res = 1, fun = round)

conform_res(x, res = 5)

adj_neg(y, na.rm = FALSE)

mean_replace(y, na.rm = TRUE)




a numeric vector or an R object which is coercible to one by as.vector(x, "numeric"); x should contain the spectral wavenumbers.


spectral resolution supplied to fun.


the function to be applied to each element of x; defaults to round() to round to a specific resolution res.


a numeric vector containing the spectral intensities.


logical. Should missing values be removed?


adj_res() and conform_res() are used in Open Specy to facilitate comparisons of spectra with different resolutions. adj_neg() is used to avoid errors that could arise from log transforming spectra when using adj_intens() and other functions. make_rel() is used to retain the relative height proportions between spectra while avoiding the large numbers that can result from some spectral instruments.


adj_res() and conform_res() return a numeric vector with resolution-conformed wavenumbers. adj_neg() and make_rel() return numeric vectors with the normalized intensity data.


Win Cowger, Zacharias Steinmetz

See Also

min() and round(); adj_intens() for log transformation functions; conform_spec() for conforming wavenumbers of an OpenSpecy object to be matched with a reference library


adj_res(seq(500, 4000, 4), 5)
conform_res(seq(500, 4000, 4))
adj_neg(c(-1000, -1, 0, 1, 10))
make_rel(c(-1000, -1, 0, 1, 10))

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