sortHistory: Sort an Active or Saved History

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Utility to sort history. When called without any arguments, an interactive GUI is used to pick which history to sort. When called with hisname, sort this active history widget. When called with file and outfile, sort the history located in file and save to outfile.


sortHistory(file="", outfile=file, hisname="")



file name of saved history to sort.


file to save sorted history to.


name of active history widget and window it is located in, given in the form WINDOW.HISTORY.


After selecting a history to sort (either from given arguments, or interactive GUI) the R data editor window will be displayed. The editor will have one column named \"new\" which will have numbers 1,2,3,...,n. This represents the current ordering of the history. You may change the numbers around to define a new order. The list is sorted by reassigning the index in row i as index i.

For example, if the history had three items 1,2,3. Reordering this to 3,2,1 will reverse the order; changing the list to 1,2,1,1 will remove entry 3 and create two duplicates of entry 1.


Alex Couture-Beil, Vancouver Island University, Nanaimo BC

See Also

importHistory, initHistory

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