Man pages for PGRdup
Discover Probable Duplicates in Plant Genetic Resources Collections

AddProbDupAdd probable duplicate sets fields to the PGR passport...
DataCleanClean PGR passport data
DisProbDupGet disjoint probable duplicate sets
DoubleMetaphone'Double Metaphone' phonetic algorithm
GN1000Sample groundnut PGR passport data
KWCountsGenerate keyword counts
KWICCreate a KWIC index
MergeKWMerge keyword strings
MergeProbDupMerge two objects of class 'ProbDup'
ParseProbDupParse an object of class 'ProbDup' to a data frame.
PGRdup-packageThe PGRdup Package
print.KWICPrints summary of 'KWIC' object.
print.ProbDupPrints summary of 'ProbDup' object.
ProbDupIdentify probable duplicates of accessions
read.genesysConvert 'Darwin Core - Germplasm' zip archive to a flat file
ReconstructProbDupReconstruct an object of class ProbDup
ReviewProbDupRetrieve probable duplicate set information from PGR passport...
SplitProbDupSplit an object of class 'ProbDup'
ValidatePrimKeyValidate if a data frame column confirms to primary key/ID...
ViewProbDupVisualize the probable duplicate sets retrieved in a...
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