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Merge keyword strings


These functions merge keyword strings separated by delimiters such as space, period or dash in a character vector into single keyword strings.


MergeKW(x, y, delim = c("space", "dash", "period"))

MergePrefix(x, y, delim = c("space", "dash", "period"))

MergeSuffix(x, y, delim = c("space", "dash", "period"))



A character vector. If not, coerced to character by as.character.


A list of character vectors with pairs of strings that are to be merged (for MergeKW) or a character vector of strings which are to be merged to succeeding string (for MergePrefix) or the preceding string (for MergeSuffix). If not of type character, coerced by as.character.


Delimiting characters to be removed between keywords.


These functions aid in standardization of relevant data fields(columns) in PGR passport data for creation of a KWIC index with KWIC function and subsequent identification of probable duplicate accessions by the ProbDup function.

It is recommended to run this function before using the DataClean function on the relevant data fields(columns) of PGR passport databases.

MergeKW merges together pairs of strings specified as a list in argument y wherever they exist in a character vector. The second string in the pair is merged even when it is followed by a number.

MergePrefix merges prefix strings specified as a character vector in argument y to the succeeding root word, wherever they exist in a character vector.

MergeSuffix merges suffix strings specified as a character vector in argument y to the preceding root word, wherever they exist in a character vector. The suffix strings which are followed by numbers are also merged.


A character vector of the same length as x with the required keyword strings merged.

See Also

DataClean, KWIC, ProbDup


names <- c("Punjab Bold", "Gujarat- Dwarf", "Nagpur.local", "SAM COL 144",
           "SAM COL--280", "NIZAMABAD-LOCAL", "Dark Green Mutant",
           "Dixie-Giant", "Georgia- Bunch", "Uganda-erect", "Small Japan",
           "Castle  Cary", "Punjab erect", "Improved small japan",
           "Dark Purple")

# Merge pairs of strings
y1 <- list(c("Gujarat", "Dwarf"), c("Castle", "Cary"), c("Small", "Japan"),
           c("Big", "Japan"), c("Mani", "Blanco"), c("Uganda", "Erect"),
           c("Mota", "Company"))
names <- MergeKW(names, y1, delim = c("space", "dash", "period"))

# Merge prefix strings
y2 <- c("Light", "Small", "Improved", "Punjab", "SAM")
names <- MergePrefix(names, y2, delim = c("space", "dash", "period"))

# Merge suffix strings
y3 <- c("Local", "Bold", "Cary", "Mutant", "Runner", "Giant", "No.",
        "Bunch", "Peanut")
names <- MergeSuffix(names, y3, delim = c("space", "dash", "period"))

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