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Functions showing changes since previous versions.




Displays the changes and news given in the NEWS file of the package.


Screen output.


Thomas Jaki



Example output

 **********   PK Version 1.3-3********** 

Type PKNews() to see new features/changes/bug fixes.

---------------------PK NEWS----------------------------------------------

PK is an R package for inference for PK parameters in complete and 
incomplete data designs based on non-compartmental methods. If you are 
using the package, please cite it as 

Jaki T and Wolfsegger MJ (2011) Estimation of pharmacokinetic parameters 
with the R package PK. Pharmaceutical Statistics. Vol 10(No 3), 294-288. 
DOI: 10.1002/pst.449"

Question or suggestions about the package can be send to

--------------------CHANGE LOG--------------------------------------------
Version 1.3-3

  o Removal of depreciated function call

Version 1.3-2

  o A bug during start-up is corrected

Version 1.3-1

  o depreciated functions as.real replaced by as.double

Version 1.3-0

  o Flexible batch designs (Jaki & Wolfsegger, Statistics in Medicine 2012)
    implemented. These designs allow the same timepoints to be used in 
    different batches. 
    Functions updated:  auc.batch
    Help files updated: auc.batch, eqv.batch

  o Methods to compute PK parameters such as Clearance in flexible
    batch designs have been added in functions nca and nca.batch

  o Help for nca updated

  o Help for eqv.ssd, eqv.batch and eqv.complete has been merged with eqv

Version 1.2-5

  o Code in biexp and lee updated

  o Several examples in help files biexp and lee added 

Version 1.2-4

  o The help file for the function nca has been corrected

  o Citation information updated

Version 1.2-3

  o A bug in an internal function to handle the data argument in batch 
    designs fixed

  o Citation information updated

  o A bug in the nca.complete function fixed

  o A bug in the summary function fixed

Version 1.2-2

  o A repeated dose toxicity dataset included

  o Help on nca function expanded

  o A bug in the print function fixed

  o auc.complete updated to handle individual AUCs

  o Additional example in help for auc.complete included

  o Function nca.complete included

Version 1.2-1

  o Default option for method lee changed to ols

  o Functionality to create plots by group included

  o Some formating changes in the print/summary functions

  o Bug in print.PKtest fixed

  o Bug in test fixed

Version 1.2-0

  o Multiple datasets included

  o Bug in auc.batch fixed

  o Functions can now be called using data in FDA SEND format -

  o Functions est, ci and test have been included to obtain point estimates, confidence intervals and hypothesis tests

  o Functions auc, eqv, nca have been aligned

  o Methods to test for bioequivalence in batch designs for independent and dependent aucs have been added in functions eqv and eqv.batch

  o Methods to compute PK parameters such as MRT and Clearance in serial sampling designs have been added in functions nca and nca.ssd

  o Multiple references added and updated

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