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The Rep.tox data frame has 28 rows and 4 columns and gives the plasma levels of 6 rats in a repeated dose toxicity study.


This data frame contains the following columns:


a numeric vector identifying the animal whose plasma level is measured.


a numeric vector giving the measured plasma level (IU/mL).


a numeric vector giving the time since administration (hours).


a numeric vector indicating the day the data were collected.


In this study the compound is administered daily to 6 Rats over 14 days. Plasma levels are measured at 7 time points over 12 hours after the first administration and after the 14th administration.


Wolfsegger M. J. and Jaki T. (2009) Assessing systemic drug exposure in repeated dose toxicity studies in the case of complete and incomplete sampling. Biometrical Journal, 51(6):1017:1029.

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