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Astralian crabs


Measurements on rock crabs of the genus Leptograpsus. The data set contains 200 observations from two species of crab (blue and orange), there are 50 specimens of each sex of each species, collected on site at Fremantle, Western Australia.

  • Type is the class variable and has 4 classes with the combinations of specie and sex (BlueMale, BlueFemale, OrangeMale and OrangeFemale).

  • FLthe size of the frontal lobe length, in mm

  • RWrear width, in mm

  • CLlength of midline of the carapace, in mm

  • CWmaximum width of carapace, in mm

  • BDdepth of the body; for females, measured after displacement of the abdomen, in mm




A data frame with 200 rows and 6 variables


Campbell, N. A. & Mahon, R. J. (1974), A Multivariate Study of Variation in Two Species of Rock Crab of genus Leptograpsus, Australian Journal of Zoology 22(3), 417 - 425.

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