image: The image data set

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The image data set


contains 2310 observations of instances from 7 outdoor images

  • Type has 7 types of outdoor images, brickface, cement, foliage, grass, path, sky, and window.

  • X1 the column of the center pixel of the region

  • X2 the row of the center pixel of the region.

  • X3 the number of pixels in a region = 9.

  • X4 the results of a line extraction algorithm that counts how many lines of length 5 (any orientation) with low contrast, less than or equal to 5, go through the region.

  • X5 measure the contrast of horizontally adjacent pixels in the region. There are 6, the mean and standard deviation are given. This attribute is used as a vertical edge detector.

  • X6 X5 sd

  • X7 measures the contrast of vertically adjacent pixels. Used for horizontal line detection.

  • X8 sd X7

  • X9 the average over the region of (R + G + B)/3

  • X10 the average over the region of the R value.

  • X11 the average over the region of the B value.

  • X12 the average over the region of the G value.

  • X13 measure the excess red: (2R - (G + B))

  • X14 measure the excess blue: (2B - (G + R))

  • X15 measure the excess green: (2G - (R + B))

  • X16 3-d nonlinear transformation of RGB. (Algorithm can be found in Foley and VanDam, Fundamentals of Interactive Computer Graphics)

  • X17 mean of X16

  • X18 hue mean




A data frame contains 2310 observations and 19 variables

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