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Fish catch data set


There are 159 fishes of 7 species are caught and measured. Altogether there are 7 variables. All the fishes are caught from the same lake(Laengelmavesi) near Tampere in Finland.

  • Type has 7 fish classes, with 35 cases of Bream, 11 cases of Parkki, 56 cases of Perch 17 cases of Pike, 20 cases of Roach, 14 cases of Smelt and 6 cases of Whitewish.

  • weight Weight of the fish (in grams)

  • length1 Length from the nose to the beginning of the tail (in cm)

  • length2 Length from the nose to the notch of the tail (in cm)

  • length3 Length from the nose to the end of the tail (in cm)

  • height Maximal height as % of Length3

  • width Maximal width as % of Length3




A data frame with 159 rows and 7 variables



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