Man pages for PRIMsrc
PRIM Survival Regression Classification

plot_kmVisualization of Survival Distributions
plot_profileVisualization for Model Selection/Tuning
plot.sbh2D Visualization of Data Scatter and Encapsulating Box
plot_traceVisualization of Covariates Traces
plot_trajVisualization of Peeling Trajectories/Profiles
predict.sbhPredict Function
PRIMsrc.newsDisplay the 'PRIMsrc' Package News
PRIMsrc-packageBump Hunting by Patient Rule Induction Method in Survival,...
print.sbhPrint Function
Real.1-dataReal Dataset #1: Clinical Dataset (p < n case)
Real.2-dataReal Dataset #2: Genomic Dataset (p >> n case)
sbhCross-Validated Survival Bump Hunting
summary.sbhSummary Function
Synthetic.1b-dataSynthetic Dataset #1b: p < n case
Synthetic.1-dataSynthetic Dataset #1: p < n case
Synthetic.2-dataSynthetic Dataset #2: p < n case
Synthetic.3-dataSynthetic Dataset #3: p < n case
Synthetic.4-dataSynthetic Dataset #4: p > n case
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