PairedData: Paired Data Analysis

This package provides many datasets and a set of graphics (based on ggplot2), statistics, effect sizes and hypothesis tests for analysing paired data with S4 class.

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AuthorStephane Champely <>
Date of publication2013-04-19 07:43:41
MaintainerStephane Champely <>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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Man pages

Anorexia: Anorexia data from Pruzek & Helmreich (2009)

anscombe2: Teaching the paired t test

Barley: Barley data from Preece (1982, Table 1)

Blink: Blink data from Preece (1982, Table 2)

Blink2: Blink data (2nd example) from Preece (1982, Table 3)

BloodLead: Blood lead levels data from Pruzek & Helmreich (2009)

bonettseier.var.test: Bonett-Seier test of scale for paired samples

ChickWeight: Chick weight data from Preece (1982, Table 11)

Corn: Corn data (Darwin)

Datalcoholic: Datalcoholic: a dataset of paired datasets

effect.size: Effect size computations for paired data

GDO: Agreement study

Grain: Grain data from Preece (1982, Table 5)

Grain2: Wheat grain data from Preece (1982, Table 12)

grambsch.var.test: Grambsch test of scale for paired samples

GrapeFruit: Grape Fruit data from Preece (1982, Table 6)

HorseBeginners: Actual and imaginary performances in equitation

IceSkating: Ice skating speed study

imam.var.test: Imam test of scale for paired samples

Iron: Iron data from Preece (1982, Table 10)

lambda.table: Parameters for Generalised Lambda Distributions

levene.var.test: Levene test of scale for paired samples

mcculloch.var.test: McCulloch test of scale for paired samples

Meat: Meat data from Preece (1982, Table 4)

paired: Paired

paired-class: Class '"paired"'

PairedData-internal: Internal PairedData objects

PairedData-package: A package for visualising and analysing paired data.

paired.plotBA: Bland-Altman plot

paired.plotCor: Paired correlation plot

paired.plotMcNeil: Parallel lines plot

paired.plotProfiles: Profile plot

plot: ~~ Methods for Function 'plot' ~~

PrisonStress: Stress in prison

rpaired.contaminated: Simulate paired samples

rpaired.gld: Simulate paired samples

Rugby: Agreement study in rugby expert ratings

sandvikolsson.var.test: Sandvik-Olsson test of scale for paired samples

Sewage: Chlorinating sewage data from Preece (1982, Table 9)

Shoulder: Shoulder flexibility in swimmers

SkiExperts: Actual and imaginary performances in ski

Sleep: Sleep hours data from Preece (1982, Table 16)

slidingchart: Sliding square plot

summary: Summary statistics for paired samples

Tobacco: Tobacco data from Snedecor and Cochran (1967)

t.test: Student's test test for paired data

var.test: Tests of variance(s) for normal distribution(s)

wilcox.test: Wilcoxon's signed rank test for paired data

winsor.cor.test: Winsorized correlation test (for paired data)

yuen.t.test: Yuen's trimmed mean test


Anorexia Man page
anscombe2 Man page
Barley Man page
Blink Man page
Blink2 Man page
BloodLead Man page
bonettseier.var.test Man page
bonettseier.var.test.default Man page
bonettseier.var.test.paired Man page
ChickWeight Man page
Corn Man page
Datalcoholic Man page
effect.size Man page
effect.size,paired-method Man page
GDO Man page
Grain Man page
Grain2 Man page
grambsch.var.test Man page
grambsch.var.test.default Man page
grambsch.var.test.paired Man page
GrapeFruit Man page
HorseBeginners Man page
IceSkating Man page
imam.var.test Man page
imam.var.test.default Man page
imam.var.test.paired Man page
Iron Man page
lambda.table Man page
levene.var.test Man page
levene.var.test.default Man page
levene.var.test.paired Man page
mcculloch.var.test Man page
mcculloch.var.test.default Man page
mcculloch.var.test.paired Man page
Meat Man page
paired Man page
paired-class Man page
PairedData Man page
PairedData-package Man page
paired.effect.size Man page
paired.plotBA Man page
paired.plotCor Man page
paired.plotMcNeil Man page
paired.plotProfiles Man page
paired.slidingchart Man page
paired.summary Man page
pitman.morgan.test.default Man page
plot.paired Man page
plot,paired-method Man page
PrisonStress Man page
rpaired.contaminated Man page
rpaired.gld Man page
Rugby Man page
sandvikolsson.var.test Man page
sandvikolsson.var.test.default Man page
sandvikolsson.var.test.paired Man page
Sewage Man page
Shoulder Man page
SkiExperts Man page
Sleep Man page
slidingchart Man page
slidingchart,paired-method Man page
summary Man page
summaryhelper Man page
summary.paired Man page
summary,paired-method Man page
Tobacco Man page
t.test Man page
t.test.paired Man page
unroll Man page
unrollG Man page
validPairedObject Man page
var1.test Man page
var2.test Man page
var.test Man page
var.test.default Man page
var.test.paired Man page
wilcox.test Man page
wilcox.test.paired Man page
wincor Man page
winsor.cor.test Man page
winsor.cor.test.default Man page
winsor.cor.test.paired Man page
winval Man page
winvar Man page
winvar.Z Man page
yuen1.test Man page
yuen2.test Man page
yuenp.test Man page
yuen.t.test Man page
yuen.t.test.default Man page
yuen.t.test.formula Man page
yuen.t.test.paired Man page

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