Man pages for PathSelectMP
Backwards Variable Selection for Paths using M Plus

AddOnAllIndIndirect Effect Writer
AddOnINDStatementsIndirect Effect List Creator
AllBackwardSelectRun Backward Variable Selection in Path Analysis with M Plus
AllSummaryDirect Effects Path Summaries
AllSummary2Direct Effect Summary
AllTotalEffOutputSummary of Total Effects
AverageRRsCalculate Average Risk Ratios over all imputed data sets
CalculatRiskRatiosCalculate Risk Ratios from Direct Effects
CheckVarNamesVariable Name Check
ConvertData2Converts Necessary Inputs for 'CalculatRiskRatios'
ConvertData3Used to make multiple list names for imputations
CountImputedEffectCount and Average Effects for All Imputed Datasets
CreateInitializeMatrixCreate Possible Path Matrix
CreateSummaryMatsExtract and Summarize Direct Effects
CreateSummaryMats2helper function for 'AddOnAllInd'
CreateTotalEffMatSummarizes Total Effects
CreateTotalSummarySummarizes and Averages Total Effects
DatImputationsImpute Data
InitializeCreate Initial Objects
modSimple Modular arithmetic
MPlusBackwardSelectBackward Selection Helper Function
NewBinseqWrapPossible Combinations of Elements, 1 from each list
NewNamesThreshThreshold Names
NumCatNumber of Categories
NumEndFileExtract Number From INP and OUT Files
OnlyNumberElementindexes list of lists
ParseTotalEffectsParse Total, Direct, and Indirect Effects
ParseTotalEffects2Parse and Exctract Total Effects
PathNamesM Plus Path description
PathSelectMP-packageBackwards Variable Selection for paths using M Plus
SimulateSimulate data set
SpecialMatchMatch and delete elements
TotalRiskRatiosCalculate Risk Ratios for total effects
WriteInitialInpFileWrite Inp File
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