PivotalR: A Fast, Easy-to-Use Tool for Manipulating Tables in Databases and a Wrapper of MADlib

Provides an R interface for the Pivotal Data stack running on 'PostgreSQL', 'Greenplum' or 'Apache HAWQ (incubating)' databases with parallel and distributed computation ability for big data processing. 'PivotalR' provides an R interface to various database operations on tables or views. These operations are almost the same as the corresponding native R operations. Thus users of R do not need to learn 'SQL' when they operate on objects in the database. It also provides a wrapper for 'Apache MADlib (incubating)', which is an open- source library for parallel and scalable in-database analytics.

AuthorPredictive Analytics Team at Pivotal Inc. <user@madlb.incubator.apache.org>, with contributions from Data Science Team at Pivotal Inc.
Date of publication2017-02-13 23:34:46
MaintainerRahul Iyer <riyer@pivotal.io>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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Man pages

abalone: Abalone data set

aggregate-methods: Functions to perform a calculation on multiple values and...

aic: AIC methods for Madlib regression objects

arith-methods: Arithmetic Operators for 'db.obj' objects

arraydb.to.arrayr: Convert strings extracted from database into arrays

array.len: Get the length of the array in an array column

as.db.data.frame-methods: Convert other objects into a 'db.data.frame' object

as.environment: Evaluate expressions within the context of a database table...

as.factor-methods: Convert one column of a 'db.obj' object into a categorical...

by-methods: Apply a Function to a 'db.data.frame' Split by column(s)

cbind2: Combine two 'db.obj' Objects by Columns

clean.madlib.temp: Delete all the result tables created during calculations of...

coef: Extract model coefficients for Madlib regression objects

compare-methods: Comparison Operators for 'db.obj' objects

connection-info: Utilities for extracting related information about a database...

conn.eql: Check whether two connections are the same

conn.id: Find out the connection ID of a 'db.obj' object

content: Print the content of a 'db.obj' object

crossprod: Compute the matrix product of 'X^T' and 'Y'.

db.connect: Create a connection to a database

db.data.frame: Create a 'db.data.frame' object pointing to a table/view in...

db.data.frame-class: Class '"db.data.frame"'

db.disconnect: Disconnect a connection to a database

db.existsObject: Test whether an object exists in the database

db.list: List all the currently active connections with their...

db.obj-class: Abstract Class '"db.obj"'

db.objects: List all the existing tables/views in a database with their...

db.q: Execute a SQL query

db.Rcrossprod-class: Class '"db.Rcrossprod"'

db.Rquery-class: Class '"db.Rquery"' and its sub-class 'db.Rview-class'

db.search.path: Display or set the search path (i.e. default schemas) for a...

db.table-class: Class '"db.table"'

db.view-class: Class '"db.view"'

delete-methods: Safely delete a 'db.obj' object or a table/view in the...

dim-methods: Dimension of a table

eql-methods: Test if two objects point to the same table

extract-replace-methods: Extract or replace a part of 'db.obj' objects

func-methods: Mathematical functions that take 'db.obj' objects as the...

generic.bagging: This function runs boostrap aggregating for a given training...

generic.cv: Generic cross-validation for supervised learning algorithms

getTree.rf.madlib: MADlib wrapper function for Random Forest

groups: Summary information for Logistic Regression output

ifelse: Conditional Element Selection

is.db.data.frame: Check if an object is of type 'db.data.frame'

is.factor-methods: Detect whether a 'db.obj' object is a categorical object

is.na-methods: Query if the entries in a table are NULL

key: Get or set the primary key for a table

logical-methods: Logical operations for 'db.obj' objects

madlib.arima: Wrapper for MADlib's ARIMA model fitting function

madlib.elnet: MADlib's elastic net regularization for generalized linear...

madlib.glm: Generalized Linear Regression by MADlib in databases

madlib.kmeans: Wrapper for MADlib's Kmeans clustering function

madlib.lda: Wrapper for MADlib's Latent Dirichilet Allocation

madlib.lm: Linear regression with grouping support, heteroskedasticity

madlib.randomForest: MADlib wrapper function for Random Forest

madlib.rpart: MADlib wrapper function for Decision Tree

madlib.summary: Data summary function

madlib.svm: Support Vector Machine with regression and novelty detection

margins: Compute the marginal effects of regression models

merge-methods: Computing a join on two tables

na.action: Functions for filtering 'NA' values in data

names-methods: The Names of an object

null.data: A Data Set with lots of 'NA' values

perplexity.lda.madlib: Perplexity of LDA predictions

pivotalr: Graphical interface for PivotalR based upon shiny

pkg-package: An R font-end to PostgreSQL and Greenplum database, and...

plot.dt.madlib: Plot the result of madlib.rpart

predict: Generate the 'db.Rquery' object that can calculate the...

predict.arima.madlib: Forecast from MADlib's ARIMA fits

predict.bagging.model: Make predictions using the result of 'generic.bagging'

predict.dt.madlib: Compute the predictions of the model produced by madlib.rpart

predict.elnet.madlib: Predict using the regression result of elastic net...

predict.lda.madlib: Prediction function for MADlib's LDA models

predict.rf.madlib: Compute the predictions of the model produced by...

preview: Read the actual data stored in a table of database.

print.arima.madlib: Display results of ARIMA fitting of 'madlib.arima'

print.dt.madlib: Print the result of madlib.rpart

print.elnet.madlib: Display the results from madlib.elnet function in a pretty...

print.lm.madlib: Display results of linear regression

print.logregr.madlib: Display results of logistic regression

print-methods: Display the connection information associated with a 'db'...

print.none.obj: Function used in GUI to print absolutely nothing

print.rf.madlib: Print the result of madlib.randomForest

print.summary.madlib: Display the results from summary function in a pretty format

residuals: Residuals methods for Madlib regression objects

row_actions: Compute the sum or mean of all columns in one row of a table

sample-methods: Methods for sampling rows of data from a table/view randomly

scale-methods: Scaling and centering of tables

sort-methods: Sort a table or view by a set of columns

subset-methods: Extract a subset of a table or view

summary.arima.madlib: Summary information for MADlib's ARIMA model

summary.elnet.madlib: Summary information for Elastic net regularization output

summary.lm.madlib: Summary information for Linear Regression output

summary.logregr.madlib: Summary information for Logistic Regression output

text.dt.madlib: Add labels onto the figure generated by plot.dt.madlib

type-cast: Cast columns of 'db.obj' objects to other types

unique-methods: The Unique of an object

vcov: vcov methods for Madlib regression objects


abalone Man page
abs Man page
abs,db.obj-method Man page
acos,db.obj-method Man page
Aggregate functions Man page
AIC.glm.madlib.grps Man page
AIC.lm.madlib Man page
AIC.lm.madlib.grps Man page
AIC.logregr.madlib Man page
AIC.logregr.madlib.grps Man page
Arith methods Man page
arraydb.to.arrayr Man page
array.len Man page
as.character Man page
as.character,db.obj-method Man page
as.data.frame.db.Rquery Man page
as.data.frame.db.table Man page
as.data.frame.db.view Man page
as.Date,db.obj-method Man page
as.db.data.frame Man page
as.db.data.frame,character-method Man page
as.db.data.frame,data.frame-method Man page
as.db.data.frame,db.data.frame-method Man page
as.db.data.frame,db.Rquery-method Man page
as.db.Rview Man page
as.double Man page
as.double,db.obj-method Man page
as.environment Man page
as.environment.db.obj Man page
as.factor,db.obj-method Man page
asin,db.obj-method Man page
as.integer Man page
as.integer,db.obj-method Man page
as.interval Man page
as.list,db.obj-method Man page
as.logical Man page
as.logical,db.obj-method Man page
as.numeric Man page
as.numeric,db.obj-method Man page
as.time Man page
as.timestamp Man page
atan2,db.obj,db.obj-method Man page
atan2,db.obj,numeric-method Man page
atan2,numeric,db.obj-method Man page
atan,db.obj-method Man page
by,db.obj-method Man page
cbind Man page
cbind2 Man page
cbind2,db.obj,db.obj-method Man page
<=,character,db.obj-method Man page
<,character,db.obj-method Man page
==,character,db.obj-method Man page
>=,character,db.obj-method Man page
>,character,db.obj-method Man page
-,character,db.obj-method Man page
!=,character,db.obj-method Man page
+,character,db.obj-method Man page
clean.madlib.temp Man page
coef.lm.madlib Man page
coef.lm.madlib.grps Man page
coef.logregr.madlib Man page
coef.logregr.madlib.grps Man page
colAgg Man page
colMeans,db.obj-method Man page
colSums,db.obj-method Man page
col.types Man page
Compare methods Man page
conn Man page
connection info Man page
conn.eql Man page
conn.id Man page
conn.id<- Man page
conn.pkg Man page
content Man page
cos,db.obj-method Man page
count Man page
count,db.obj-method Man page
crossprod Man page
crossprod,db.obj,ANY-method Man page
db Man page
.db Man page
db.array Man page
db.connect Man page
db.data.frame Man page
db.data.frame-class Man page
db.date.style Man page
db.default.schemas Man page
db.disconnect Man page
db.existsObject Man page
db.list Man page
dbms Man page
dbname Man page
[<-.db.obj Man page
[,db.obj,ANY,ANY,ANY-method Man page
[<-,db.obj,ANY,ANY,character-method Man page
[[<-,db.obj,ANY,ANY,character-method Man page
[<-,db.obj,ANY,ANY,db.Rquery-method Man page
[[<-,db.obj,ANY,ANY,db.Rquery-method Man page
[<-,db.obj,ANY,ANY,integer-method Man page
[[<-,db.obj,ANY,ANY,integer-method Man page
[<-,db.obj,ANY,ANY,logical-method Man page
[[<-,db.obj,ANY,ANY,logical-method Man page
[<-,db.obj,ANY,ANY,numeric-method Man page
[[<-,db.obj,ANY,ANY,numeric-method Man page
-,db.obj,ANY-method Man page
<=,db.obj,character-method Man page
<,db.obj,character-method Man page
==,db.obj,character-method Man page
>=,db.obj,character-method Man page
>,db.obj,character-method Man page
-,db.obj,character-method Man page
!=,db.obj,character-method Man page
$<-,db.obj,character-method Man page
+,db.obj,character-method Man page
db.obj-class Man page
^,db.obj,db.obj-method Man page
<=,db.obj,db.obj-method Man page
<,db.obj,db.obj-method Man page
==,db.obj,db.obj-method Man page
>=,db.obj,db.obj-method Man page
>,db.obj,db.obj-method Man page
|,db.obj,db.obj-method Man page
-,db.obj,db.obj-method Man page
!=,db.obj,db.obj-method Man page
/,db.obj,db.obj-method Man page
*,db.obj,db.obj-method Man page
\%/\%,db.obj,db.obj-method Man page
\%\%,db.obj,db.obj-method Man page
&,db.obj,db.obj-method Man page
+,db.obj,db.obj-method Man page
$<-,db.obj,db.Rquery-method Man page
db.objects Man page
$<-,db.obj,integer-method Man page
==,db.obj,logical-method Man page
|,db.obj,logical-method Man page
!=,db.obj,logical-method Man page
$<-,db.obj,logical-method Man page
&,db.obj,logical-method Man page
!,db.obj-method Man page
[[,db.obj-method Man page
$,db.obj-method Man page
^,db.obj,numeric-method Man page
<=,db.obj,numeric-method Man page
<,db.obj,numeric-method Man page
==,db.obj,numeric-method Man page
>=,db.obj,numeric-method Man page
>,db.obj,numeric-method Man page
-,db.obj,numeric-method Man page
!=,db.obj,numeric-method Man page
/,db.obj,numeric-method Man page
$<-,db.obj,numeric-method Man page
*,db.obj,numeric-method Man page
\%/\%,db.obj,numeric-method Man page
\%\%,db.obj,numeric-method Man page
+,db.obj,numeric-method Man page
db.q Man page
db.Rcrossprod-class Man page
db.Rquery-class Man page
db.Rview-class Man page
db.search.path Man page
db.table-class Man page
db.view-class Man page
delete Man page
delete,arima.css.madlib-method Man page
delete,bagging.model-method Man page
delete,character-method Man page
delete,db.data.frame-method Man page
delete,db.Rquery-method Man page
delete,dt.madlib.grps-method Man page
delete,dt.madlib-method Man page
delete,elnet.madlib-method Man page
delete,lm.madlib.grps-method Man page
delete,lm.madlib-method Man page
delete,logregr.madlib.grps-method Man page
delete,logregr.madlib-method Man page
delete,summary.madlib-method Man page
dim,db.Rquery-method Man page
dim,db.table-method Man page
dim,db.view-method Man page
eql Man page
eql,db.obj,db.obj-method Man page
exp Man page
exp,db.obj-method Man page
extractAIC.glm.madlib Man page
extractAIC.glm.madlib.grps Man page
extractAIC.lm.madlib Man page
extractAIC.lm.madlib.grps Man page
extractAIC.logregr.madlib Man page
extractAIC.logregr.madlib.grps Man page
Extraction methods Man page
factorial Man page
factorial,db.obj-method Man page
generic.bagging Man page
generic.cv Man page
getTree.rf.madlib Man page
grepl Man page
grepl,character,db.obj-method Man page
groups Man page
groups.lm.madlib Man page
groups.lm.madlib.grps Man page
groups.logregr.madlib Man page
groups.logregr.madlib.grps Man page
host Man page
ifelse,db.obj-method Man page
is.db.data.frame Man page
is.factor,db.obj-method Man page
is.na,db.obj-method Man page
key Man page
key<- Man page
lk Man page
log Man page
log10 Man page
log10,db.obj-method Man page
log,db.obj-method Man page
==,logical,db.obj-method Man page
|,logical,db.obj-method Man page
!=,logical,db.obj-method Man page
&,logical,db.obj-method Man page
Logical methods Man page
logLik.glm.madlib Man page
logLik.glm.madlib.grps Man page
logLik.lm.madlib Man page
logLik.lm.madlib.grps Man page
logLik.logregr.madlib Man page
logLik.logregr.madlib.grps Man page
lookat Man page
madlib Man page
madlib.arima Man page
madlib.arima,db.Rquery,db.Rquery-method Man page
madlib.arima,formula,db.obj-method Man page
madlib.elnet Man page
madlib.glm Man page
madlib.kmeans Man page
madlib.lda Man page
madlib.lm Man page
madlib.randomForest Man page
madlib.rpart Man page
madlib.summary Man page
madlib.svm Man page
madlib.version Man page
margins Man page
margins.lm.madlib Man page
margins.lm.madlib.grps Man page
margins.logregr.madlib Man page
margins.logregr.madlib.grps Man page
Math Functions Man page
max,db.obj-method Man page
mean,db.obj-method Man page
merge,db.obj,db.obj-method Man page
min,db.obj-method Man page
names<-,db.obj-method Man page
names,db.obj-method Man page
na.omit,db.obj-method Man page
null.data Man page
^,numeric,db.obj-method Man page
<=,numeric,db.obj-method Man page
<,numeric,db.obj-method Man page
==,numeric,db.obj-method Man page
>=,numeric,db.obj-method Man page
>,numeric,db.obj-method Man page
-,numeric,db.obj-method Man page
!=,numeric,db.obj-method Man page
/,numeric,db.obj-method Man page
*,numeric,db.obj-method Man page
\%/\%,numeric,db.obj-method Man page
\%\%,numeric,db.obj-method Man page
+,numeric,db.obj-method Man page
perplexity.lda.madlib Man page
pivotalr Man page
PivotalR Man page
PivotalR-package Man page
plot.dt.madlib Man page
port Man page
predict.arima.css.madlib Man page
predict.bagging.model Man page
predict.dt.madlib Man page
predict.elnet.madlib Man page
predict.glm.madlib Man page
predict.glm.madlib.grps Man page
predict.lda.madlib Man page
predict.lm.madlib Man page
predict.lm.madlib.grps Man page
predict.logregr.madlib Man page
predict.logregr.madlib.grps Man page
predict.rf.madlib Man page
print.arima.css.madlib Man page
print,db.data.frame-method Man page
print,db.Rquery-method Man page
print.dt.madlib Man page
print.elnet.madlib Man page
print.glm.madlib Man page
print.glm.madlib.grps Man page
print.lm.madlib Man page
print.lm.madlib.grps Man page
print.logregr.madlib Man page
print.logregr.madlib.grps Man page
print.margins Man page
print.none.obj Man page
print.rf.madlib Man page
print.summary.madlib Man page
relevel,db.obj-method Man page
Replacement methods Man page
residuals.glm.madlib Man page
residuals.glm.madlib.grps Man page
residuals.lm.madlib Man page
residuals.lm.madlib.grps Man page
residuals.logregr.madlib Man page
residuals.logregr.madlib.grps Man page
rowMeans,db.obj-method Man page
rowSums,db.obj-method Man page
sample,db.obj-method Man page
scale,db.obj-method Man page
schema.madlib Man page
sd Man page
sd,db.obj-method Man page
show.arima.css.madlib Man page
show,db.data.frame-method Man page
show,db.Rquery-method Man page
show.elnet.madlib Man page
show.glm.madlib Man page
show.glm.madlib.grps Man page
show.lm.madlib Man page
show.lm.madlib.grps Man page
show.logregr.madlib Man page
show.logregr.madlib.grps Man page
show.summary.madlib Man page
sign Man page
sign,db.obj-method Man page
sin,db.obj-method Man page
sort,db.obj-method Man page
sqrt Man page
sqrt,db.obj-method Man page
subset,db.obj-method Man page
sum,db.obj-method Man page
summary.arima.css.madlib Man page
summary,db.obj-method Man page
summary.elnet.madlib Man page
summary.glm.madlib Man page
summary.glm.madlib.grps Man page
summary.lm.madlib Man page
summary.lm.madlib.grps Man page
summary.logregr.madlib Man page
summary.logregr.madlib.grps Man page
tan,db.obj-method Man page
Terms Man page
text.dt.madlib Man page
Type Cast functions Man page
unique,db.obj-method Man page
user Man page
var Man page
var,db.obj-method Man page
Vars Man page
vcov.lm.madlib Man page
vcov.lm.madlib.grps Man page
vcov.logregr.madlib Man page
vcov.logregr.madlib.grps Man page
with Man page
with.db.obj Man page


PivotalR/R/madlib-svm.R PivotalR/R/method-db.data.frame_.R PivotalR/R/method-aggregates_.R PivotalR/R/method-merge_.R PivotalR/R/method-na.action_.R PivotalR/R/method-preview_.R PivotalR/R/generic.cv.R PivotalR/R/method-unique_.R PivotalR/R/onAttach.R PivotalR/R/madlib-kmeans.R PivotalR/R/madlib-glm.R PivotalR/R/method-replacement_.R PivotalR/R/method-delete_.R PivotalR/R/vcov.R PivotalR/R/PivotalR.R PivotalR/R/method-as.db.data.frame_.R PivotalR/R/predict.R PivotalR/R/method-display_.R PivotalR/R/elnet-cd.R PivotalR/R/madlib-elnet.R PivotalR/R/utilities.R PivotalR/R/method-sample_.R PivotalR/R/onUnload.R PivotalR/R/method-by_.R PivotalR/R/utility-madlib.R PivotalR/R/utility-formating.R PivotalR/R/method-cast_.R PivotalR/R/coef.R PivotalR/R/madlib-rpart.R PivotalR/R/method-db.data.frame_props_.R PivotalR/R/aic_lm.R PivotalR/R/madlib-lda.R PivotalR/R/method-cbind_.R PivotalR/R/madlib-lm.R PivotalR/R/db_conn-rpostgresql.R PivotalR/R/madlib-arima.R PivotalR/R/method-crossprod_.R PivotalR/R/as.data.frame.R PivotalR/R/db_conn-generic.R PivotalR/R/utility-array.R PivotalR/R/method-extraction_.R PivotalR/R/ifelse.R PivotalR/R/method-as.factor_.R PivotalR/R/method-as.list_.R PivotalR/R/method-sort_.R PivotalR/R/as.environment.R PivotalR/R/testing.R PivotalR/R/db.q.R PivotalR/R/methods-scale_.R PivotalR/R/margins.R PivotalR/R/defs-pkg.R PivotalR/R/aic_logregr.R PivotalR/R/generic.bagging.R PivotalR/R/utility-generic.R PivotalR/R/method-math_.R PivotalR/R/method-key_.R PivotalR/R/method-ops.R PivotalR/R/madlib-summary.R PivotalR/R/madlib-randomForest.R PivotalR/R/residuals.R PivotalR/R/utility-conn_attr.R
PivotalR/man/as.environment.Rd PivotalR/man/key.Rd PivotalR/man/madlib.rpart.Rd PivotalR/man/db.Rquery-class.Rd PivotalR/man/content.Rd PivotalR/man/ifelse.Rd PivotalR/man/eql-methods.Rd PivotalR/man/db.data.frame.Rd PivotalR/man/generic.cv.Rd PivotalR/man/print.logregr.madlib.Rd PivotalR/man/print.rf.madlib.Rd PivotalR/man/text.dt.madlib.Rd PivotalR/man/madlib.lda.Rd PivotalR/man/logical-methods.Rd PivotalR/man/compare-methods.Rd PivotalR/man/unique-methods.Rd PivotalR/man/residuals.Rd PivotalR/man/dim-methods.Rd PivotalR/man/db.objects.Rd PivotalR/man/print.elnet.madlib.Rd PivotalR/man/as.db.data.frame-methods.Rd PivotalR/man/predict.elnet.madlib.Rd PivotalR/man/pivotalr.Rd PivotalR/man/madlib.glm.Rd PivotalR/man/madlib.elnet.Rd PivotalR/man/madlib.arima.Rd PivotalR/man/db.existsObject.Rd PivotalR/man/sample-methods.Rd PivotalR/man/func-methods.Rd PivotalR/man/print.summary.madlib.Rd PivotalR/man/is.na-methods.Rd PivotalR/man/conn.eql.Rd PivotalR/man/is.db.data.frame.Rd PivotalR/man/names-methods.Rd PivotalR/man/predict.arima.madlib.Rd PivotalR/man/db.search.path.Rd PivotalR/man/aic.Rd PivotalR/man/clean.madlib.temp.Rd PivotalR/man/na.action.Rd PivotalR/man/subset-methods.Rd PivotalR/man/sort-methods.Rd PivotalR/man/as.factor-methods.Rd PivotalR/man/summary.elnet.madlib.Rd PivotalR/man/predict.Rd PivotalR/man/db.q.Rd PivotalR/man/perplexity.lda.madlib.Rd PivotalR/man/print.none.obj.Rd PivotalR/man/db.data.frame-class.Rd PivotalR/man/print.lm.madlib.Rd PivotalR/man/pkg-package.Rd PivotalR/man/summary.arima.madlib.Rd PivotalR/man/null.data.Rd PivotalR/man/predict.bagging.model.Rd PivotalR/man/print.arima.madlib.Rd PivotalR/man/madlib.summary.Rd PivotalR/man/predict.lda.madlib.Rd PivotalR/man/groups.Rd PivotalR/man/db.disconnect.Rd PivotalR/man/madlib.lm.Rd PivotalR/man/print-methods.Rd PivotalR/man/madlib.kmeans.Rd PivotalR/man/db.connect.Rd PivotalR/man/cbind2.Rd PivotalR/man/summary.logregr.madlib.Rd PivotalR/man/generic.bagging.Rd PivotalR/man/predict.dt.madlib.Rd PivotalR/man/predict.rf.madlib.Rd PivotalR/man/row_actions.Rd PivotalR/man/db.Rcrossprod-class.Rd PivotalR/man/type-cast.Rd PivotalR/man/conn.id.Rd PivotalR/man/getTree.rf.madlib.Rd PivotalR/man/array.len.Rd PivotalR/man/vcov.Rd PivotalR/man/extract-replace-methods.Rd PivotalR/man/merge-methods.Rd PivotalR/man/plot.dt.madlib.Rd PivotalR/man/summary.lm.madlib.Rd PivotalR/man/db.table-class.Rd PivotalR/man/delete-methods.Rd PivotalR/man/db.list.Rd PivotalR/man/by-methods.Rd PivotalR/man/scale-methods.Rd PivotalR/man/arith-methods.Rd PivotalR/man/preview.Rd PivotalR/man/db.obj-class.Rd PivotalR/man/connection-info.Rd PivotalR/man/arraydb.to.arrayr.Rd PivotalR/man/margins.Rd PivotalR/man/print.dt.madlib.Rd PivotalR/man/abalone.Rd PivotalR/man/crossprod.Rd PivotalR/man/aggregate-methods.Rd PivotalR/man/madlib.svm.Rd PivotalR/man/db.view-class.Rd PivotalR/man/madlib.randomForest.Rd PivotalR/man/is.factor-methods.Rd PivotalR/man/coef.Rd

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