db.view-class: Class '"db.view"'

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A sub-class of db.data.frame which points to tables in the database

Objects from the Class

Objects can be created by calls of db.data.frame or as.db.data.frame


As a sub-class, this class has all the slots of db.data.frame. Here we list the extra slots.


Object of class "character". The name of the primary key column name when the view is materialized. The view in the database does not have a primary key. Currently only one primary key column is supported. This value can be set during the creation of the object when using the function db.data.frame. The functions key and key<- can be used to get and set this value.


Class "db.data.frame", directly. Class "db.obj", by class "db.data.frame", distance 2.


See db.data.frame for all the methods that can take this class of object as an object.xs


Author: Predictive Analytics Team at Pivotal Inc.

Maintainer: Frank McQuillan, Pivotal Inc. [email protected]

See Also

db.data.frame creates a db.data.frame object.

as.db.data.frame converts db.Rquery object, data.frame, or a data file into a db.data.frame object and at the same time creates a new table in the database.

db.data.frame is the superclass.

db.table is the other subclass of db.data.frame

db.Rquery is another sub-class of db.obj.

lk or lookat display a part of the table

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