db.obj-class: Abstract Class '"db.obj"'

Description Objects from the Class Methods Author(s) See Also


The super class of db.data.frame and db.Rquery

Objects from the Class

A virtual Class: No objects may be created from it.


See db.data.frame for all the available methods and functions.


Author: Predictive Analytics Team at Pivotal Inc.

Maintainer: Frank McQuillan, Pivotal Inc. [email protected]

See Also

db.data.frame creates a db.data.frame object.

as.db.data.frame converts db.Rquery object, data.frame, or a data file into a db.data.frame object and at the same time creates a new table in the database.

db.data.frame and db.Rquery are the sub-classes.

lk or lookat displays a part of the table

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