R.oo: R Object-Oriented Programming with or without References

Methods and classes for object-oriented programming in R with or without references. Large effort has been made on making definition of methods as simple as possible with a minimum of maintenance for package developers. The package has been developed since 2001 and is now considered very stable. This is a cross-platform package implemented in pure R that defines standard S3 classes without any tricks.

AuthorHenrik Bengtsson [aut, cre, cph]
Date of publication2016-11-01 00:03:19
MaintainerHenrik Bengtsson <henrikb@braju.com>
LicenseLGPL (>= 2.1)

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Man pages

000.makeObjectFinalizer: Creates a standalone finalizer function for Object

abort: Aborts the current expression call

argsToString.Class: Gets the arguments of a function as a character string

argsToString.Rdoc: Gets the arguments signature of a function

as.character.BasicObject: Gets a character string representing the object

as.character.Class: Returns a short string describing the class

as.character.Exception: Gets a character string representing of the Exception

as.character.Interface: Gets a character string representing the Interface

as.character.Object: Gets a character string representing the object

as.character.Package: Gets a string representation of this package

as.character.RccViolationException: Gets a string representing of the RCC violation

as.character.RdocException: Gets a character string representing of the RdocException

ASCII: 8-bit ASCII table

attach.BasicObject: Attach an BasicObject to the R search path

attachLocally.Object: Attaches an Object locally to an environment

attach.Object: Attaches an Object to the R search path

BasicObject: A root class like Object but without references

charToInt: Converts a vector of ASCII characters into a vector of...

check.Rdoc: Checks the compiled Rd files

Class: The Class class describes an Object class

clearCache.Object: Clear fields that are defined to have cached values

clearLookupCache.Object: Clear internal fields used for faster lookup

clone.Object: Clones an Object

compileRdoc: Compiles the Rdoc help comments in a package

compile.Rdoc: Compile source code files containing Rdoc comments into Rd...

createManPath.Rdoc: Creates the directory where the Rd files should be saved

createName.Rdoc: Creates a class-method name

declaration.Rdoc: Gets the class declaration

detach.BasicObject: Detach an BasicObject from the R search path

detach.Object: Detach an Object from the R search path

dimension: Gets the dimension of the object

DOLLAR.BasicObject: Makes the fields and methods of an BasicObject accessable via...

DOLLAR.Class: Makes the fields and methods of an Class accessable via the...

DOLLARLT_-.BasicObject: Makes the fields and methods of an BasicObject assignable via...

DOLLARLT_-.Class: Makes the fields and methods of an Class assignable via the...

DOLLARLT_-.Object: Makes the fields and methods of an Object assignable via the...

DOLLAR.Object: Makes the fields and methods of an Object accessable via the...

equals: Compares an object with another

equals.BasicObject: Compares an object with another

equals.Object: Compares an object with another

escapeRdFilename.Rdoc: Escape non-valid characters in a filename

Exception: The Exception class to be thrown and caught

extend: Extends a object

extend.BasicObject: Extends another class

extend.Interface: Extends another Interface class

extend.Object: Extends another class

finalize.Object: Finalizer methods called when object is clean out

forName.Class: Gets a Class object by a name of a class

gc.Object: Deprecated: Clear cached fields and calls the garbage...

getAuthor.Package: Gets the Author of this package

getBundle.Package: Gets the Bundle that this package might belong to

getBundlePackages.Package: Gets the names of the other packages that is in the same...

getCalls.Exception: Gets the active calls saved when the exception was created

getChangeLog.Package: Gets the change log of this package

getClasses.Package: Gets all classes of a package

getClassS4Usage.Rdoc: Gets the usage of a S4 class

getConstructorS3: Get a constructor method

getContents.Package: Gets the contents of this package

getContribUrl.Package: Gets the URL(s) from where this package can be installed

getDataPath.Package: Gets the path to the data (data/) directory of this package

getDate.Package: Gets the date when package was build

getDescriptionFile.Package: Gets the description file of this package

getDescription.Package: Gets the description of the package

getDetails.Class: Lists the fields and methods of a class

getDevelUrl.Package: Gets the URL(s) from where the developers version of this...

getDocPath.Package: Gets the path to the accompanying documentation (doc/)...

getEnvironment.Object: Gets the environment of this object

getEnvironment.Package: Gets the environment of a loaded package

getExamplePath.Package: Gets the path to the example (R-ex/) directory of this...

getFieldModifiers.Object: Gets all types of field modifiers

getFields.BasicObject: Returns the field names of an BasicObject

getFields.Class: Returns the field names of a class

getFields.Interface: Returns NULL

getFields.Object: Returns the field names of an Object

getHowToCite.Package: Gets the citation of this package

getInstantiationTime.BasicObject: Gets the time when the object was instantiated

getInstantiationTime.Object: Gets the time when the object was instantiated

getInternalAddress.Object: Gets the memory location where the Object resides

getKeywords.Rdoc: Gets the keywords defined in R with descriptions

getKnownSubclasses.Class: Gets all subclasses that are currently loaded

getKnownSubclasses.classRepresentation: Gets the known subclasses

getLastException.Exception: Static method to get the last Exception thrown

getLicense.Package: Gets the License of this package

getMaintainer.Package: Gets the Maintainer of this package

getManPath.Rdoc: Gets the path to the directory where the Rd files will be...

getMessage.Exception: Gets the message of the Exception

getMessage.InternalErrorException: Gets the message of the exception

getMethods.Class: Returns the method names of class and its super classes

getName.Class: Gets the name of the class

getName.environment: Gets the name of an environment

getNameFormat.Rdoc: Gets the current name format

getName.Package: Gets the name of this package

getPackage.Class: Gets the package to which the class belongs

getPackage.InternalErrorException: Gets the suspicious package likely to contain an error

getPackageNameOf.Rdoc: Gets the package of a method or an object

getPath.Package: Gets the library (system) path to this package

getPosition.Package: Gets the search path position of the package

getRccUrl.RccViolationException: Static method to get a URL where the RCC can be found

getRdDeclaration.Class: Gets the class declaraction in Rd format

getRdDeclaration.classRepresentation: Gets the class declaration in Rd format

getRdHierarchy.Class: Gets the class hierarchy in Rd format

getRdHierarchy.classRepresentation: Gets the class hierarchy in Rd format

getRdMethods.Class: Gets the methods of a class in Rd format

getRdMethods.classRepresentation: Gets the methods in Rd format

getRdTitle.Rdoc: Extracts the title string of a Rd file

getSource.RdocException: Gets the source of the exception

getStackTrace.Exception: Gets the stack trace saved when the exception was created

getStackTraceString.Exception: Gets the stack trace as a string

getStaticInstance.Class: Gets the static instance of this class

getStaticInstance.Object: Gets the static instance of this objects class

getSuperclasses.Class: Gets the super classes of this class

getSuperclasses.classRepresentation: Gets the superclasses

getTitle.Package: Gets the Title of this package

getUrl.Package: Gets the URL of this package

getUsage.Rdoc: Gets the usage of a method

getVersion.Package: Gets the version of this package

getWhen.Exception: Gets the time when the Exception was created

hasField.BasicObject: Checks if a field exists or not

hasField.Object: Checks if a field exists or not

hashCode: Gets an integer hashcoded for R objects

hashCode.BasicObject: Gets a hash code for the object

hashCode.Object: Gets a hash code for the Object

hierarchy.Rdoc: Gets the class hierarchy

Interface: The Interface class

InternalErrorException: InternalErrorException represents internal errors

intToChar: Converts a vector of integers into a vector of ASCII...

isAbstract.Class: Checks if a class is abstract or not

isBeingCreated.Class: Checks if a class is currently being initiated initiated

isDeprecated.Class: Checks if a class is deprecated or not

isKeyword.Rdoc: Checks if a word is a Rd keyword

isLoaded.Package: Checks if the package is installed on the search path or not

isOlderThan.Package: Checks if the package is older than a given version

isPrivate.Class: Checks if a class is defined private or not

isProtected.Class: Checks if a class is defined protected or not

isPublic.Class: Checks if a class is defined public or not

isReferable.BasicObject: Checks if the object is referable or not

isReferable.Object: Checks if the object is referable or not

isStatic.Class: Checks if a class is static or not

isVisible.Rdoc: Checks if a member is visible given its modifiers

ll: Generates a list of informative properties of all members of...

ll.Object: Generates a list of informative properties of all members of...

ll.Package: Generates a list of informative properties of all members of...

load.Object: Static method to load an Object from a file or a connection

load.Package: Loads a package

methodsInheritedFrom.Rdoc: Gets all methods inherited from a class in Rd format

newInstance.BasicObject: Creates a new instance of the same class as this object

newInstance.Class: Creates a new instance of this class

newInstance.Object: Creates a new instance of the same class as this object

Non-documented_objects: Non-documented objects

novirtual.Object: Returns a reference to the same Object with virtual fields...

Object: The root class that every class must inherit from

objectSize: Gets the size of the object in bytes

objectSize.BasicObject: Gets the size of the BasicObject in bytes

objectSize.environment: Gets the size of an environment in bytes

objectSize.Object: Gets the size of the Object in bytes

Package: The Package class provides methods for accessing package...

print.BasicObject: Prints an BasicObject

print.Class: Prints detailed information about the class and its fields...

print.Exception: Prints the Exception

print.Interface: Prints an Interface

print.Object: Prints an Object

printStackTrace.Exception: Prints the stack trace saved when the exception was created

RccViolationException: An RccViolationException indicates a violation of the R...

Rdoc: Class for converting Rdoc comments to Rd files

RdocException: RdocException are thrown by the Rdoc compiler

registerFinalizer.Object: Deprecated: Registers a finalizer hook for the object...

R.oo-package: Package R.oo

save.Object: Saves an Object to a file or a connection

setConstructorS3: Defines a class in S3/UseMethod style

setManPath.Rdoc: Sets the path to the directory where the Rd files should be...

setNameFormat.Rdoc: Sets the current name format

showChangeLog.Package: Show the change log of this package

showContents.Package: Show the CONTENTS file of this package

showDescriptionFile.Package: Show the DESCRIPTION file of this package

showHowToCite.Package: Show the HOWTOCITE file of this package

startupMessage.Package: Generates a 'package successfully loaded' package startup...

staticCode.Object: Method that will be call each time a new instance of a class...

throw: Throws an Exception

throw.error: Throws (rethrows) an object of class 'error'

throw.Exception: Throws an Exception that can be caught

trim: Converts to a string and removes leading and trailing...

typeOfClass: Gets the type of a class (S3 or S4)

unload.Package: Unloads a package

update.Package: Deprecated: Updates the package is a newer version is...

uses.Interface: Specifies that an object uses this Interface

Files in this package

R.oo/R/error.throw.R R.oo/R/equals.default.R R.oo/R/000.R R.oo/R/Rdoc.R R.oo/R/Package.R R.oo/R/020.makeObjectFinalizer,private.R R.oo/R/dimension.default.R R.oo/R/extend.default.R R.oo/R/Exception.R R.oo/R/hashCode.R R.oo/R/999.DEPRECATED.R R.oo/R/getConstructorS3.R R.oo/R/060.Class.R R.oo/R/objectSize.default.R R.oo/R/typeOfClass.R R.oo/R/050.Object.R R.oo/R/RdocException.R R.oo/R/ASCII.R R.oo/R/Class.misc.R R.oo/R/030.ObjectClassFunctions.R R.oo/R/zzz.rJava-tweaks.R R.oo/R/classRepresentation.misc.R R.oo/R/getName.environment.R R.oo/R/BasicObject.R R.oo/R/InternalErrorException.R R.oo/R/ll.default.R R.oo/R/006.fixVarArgs.R R.oo/R/objectSize.environment.R R.oo/R/trim.R R.oo/R/Interface.R R.oo/R/compileRdoc.R R.oo/R/abort.R R.oo/R/999.NonDocumentedObjects.R R.oo/R/999.package.R R.oo/R/getNnnByName.R R.oo/R/zzz.R R.oo/R/throw.default.R R.oo/R/RccViolationException.R R.oo/R/040.setConstructorS3.R
R.oo/man/getSuperclasses.Class.Rd R.oo/man/getDocPath.Package.Rd R.oo/man/isAbstract.Class.Rd R.oo/man/DOLLARLT_-.Class.Rd R.oo/man/hashCode.Rd R.oo/man/getKeywords.Rdoc.Rd R.oo/man/DOLLAR.BasicObject.Rd R.oo/man/getUrl.Package.Rd R.oo/man/detach.BasicObject.Rd R.oo/man/extend.Interface.Rd R.oo/man/escapeRdFilename.Rdoc.Rd R.oo/man/getMaintainer.Package.Rd R.oo/man/getName.environment.Rd R.oo/man/getPosition.Package.Rd R.oo/man/argsToString.Class.Rd R.oo/man/hierarchy.Rdoc.Rd R.oo/man/getHowToCite.Package.Rd R.oo/man/createManPath.Rdoc.Rd R.oo/man/extend.BasicObject.Rd R.oo/man/getRdMethods.classRepresentation.Rd R.oo/man/throw.error.Rd R.oo/man/setNameFormat.Rdoc.Rd R.oo/man/isLoaded.Package.Rd R.oo/man/showContents.Package.Rd R.oo/man/print.Object.Rd R.oo/man/compileRdoc.Rd R.oo/man/load.Object.Rd R.oo/man/uses.Interface.Rd R.oo/man/hasField.BasicObject.Rd R.oo/man/isVisible.Rdoc.Rd R.oo/man/getMethods.Class.Rd R.oo/man/BasicObject.Rd R.oo/man/getStackTraceString.Exception.Rd R.oo/man/charToInt.Rd R.oo/man/createName.Rdoc.Rd R.oo/man/intToChar.Rd R.oo/man/getMessage.InternalErrorException.Rd R.oo/man/Exception.Rd R.oo/man/getFields.Object.Rd R.oo/man/clone.Object.Rd R.oo/man/getRdHierarchy.Class.Rd R.oo/man/DOLLARLT_-.BasicObject.Rd R.oo/man/Rdoc.Rd R.oo/man/getEnvironment.Object.Rd R.oo/man/hashCode.BasicObject.Rd R.oo/man/isPrivate.Class.Rd R.oo/man/print.Class.Rd R.oo/man/update.Package.Rd R.oo/man/getInstantiationTime.BasicObject.Rd R.oo/man/getConstructorS3.Rd R.oo/man/hasField.Object.Rd R.oo/man/equals.Object.Rd R.oo/man/staticCode.Object.Rd R.oo/man/getStaticInstance.Class.Rd R.oo/man/getNameFormat.Rdoc.Rd R.oo/man/getContents.Package.Rd R.oo/man/throw.Rd R.oo/man/newInstance.Object.Rd R.oo/man/getStaticInstance.Object.Rd R.oo/man/newInstance.Class.Rd R.oo/man/as.character.RccViolationException.Rd R.oo/man/extend.Object.Rd R.oo/man/isReferable.BasicObject.Rd R.oo/man/getPath.Package.Rd R.oo/man/print.Exception.Rd R.oo/man/ll.Rd R.oo/man/objectSize.BasicObject.Rd R.oo/man/argsToString.Rdoc.Rd R.oo/man/Object.Rd R.oo/man/isReferable.Object.Rd R.oo/man/getSource.RdocException.Rd R.oo/man/showChangeLog.Package.Rd R.oo/man/as.character.BasicObject.Rd R.oo/man/getStackTrace.Exception.Rd R.oo/man/getFieldModifiers.Object.Rd R.oo/man/showDescriptionFile.Package.Rd R.oo/man/setManPath.Rdoc.Rd R.oo/man/forName.Class.Rd R.oo/man/as.character.Object.Rd R.oo/man/abort.Rd R.oo/man/clearCache.Object.Rd R.oo/man/getClasses.Package.Rd R.oo/man/getDetails.Class.Rd R.oo/man/getDescription.Package.Rd R.oo/man/getManPath.Rdoc.Rd R.oo/man/getMessage.Exception.Rd R.oo/man/getKnownSubclasses.classRepresentation.Rd R.oo/man/objectSize.Object.Rd R.oo/man/getRdMethods.Class.Rd R.oo/man/newInstance.BasicObject.Rd R.oo/man/getPackage.Class.Rd R.oo/man/hashCode.Object.Rd R.oo/man/getWhen.Exception.Rd R.oo/man/getLicense.Package.Rd R.oo/man/novirtual.Object.Rd R.oo/man/getInstantiationTime.Object.Rd R.oo/man/detach.Object.Rd R.oo/man/getPackage.InternalErrorException.Rd R.oo/man/unload.Package.Rd R.oo/man/getDevelUrl.Package.Rd R.oo/man/DOLLAR.Class.Rd R.oo/man/Package.Rd R.oo/man/getChangeLog.Package.Rd R.oo/man/dimension.Rd R.oo/man/clearLookupCache.Object.Rd R.oo/man/objectSize.environment.Rd R.oo/man/Class.Rd R.oo/man/getSuperclasses.classRepresentation.Rd R.oo/man/getFields.BasicObject.Rd R.oo/man/getRdHierarchy.classRepresentation.Rd R.oo/man/print.Interface.Rd R.oo/man/getRdDeclaration.classRepresentation.Rd R.oo/man/registerFinalizer.Object.Rd R.oo/man/getBundle.Package.Rd R.oo/man/isOlderThan.Package.Rd R.oo/man/attach.BasicObject.Rd R.oo/man/ll.Object.Rd R.oo/man/load.Package.Rd R.oo/man/attachLocally.Object.Rd R.oo/man/000.makeObjectFinalizer.Rd R.oo/man/R.oo-package.Rd R.oo/man/save.Object.Rd R.oo/man/getDataPath.Package.Rd R.oo/man/isPublic.Class.Rd R.oo/man/as.character.RdocException.Rd R.oo/man/getCalls.Exception.Rd R.oo/man/Interface.Rd R.oo/man/getRdDeclaration.Class.Rd R.oo/man/getVersion.Package.Rd R.oo/man/startupMessage.Package.Rd R.oo/man/getRccUrl.RccViolationException.Rd R.oo/man/getFields.Class.Rd R.oo/man/ll.Package.Rd R.oo/man/RdocException.Rd R.oo/man/ASCII.Rd R.oo/man/trim.Rd R.oo/man/declaration.Rdoc.Rd R.oo/man/getClassS4Usage.Rdoc.Rd R.oo/man/typeOfClass.Rd R.oo/man/getUsage.Rdoc.Rd R.oo/man/getDescriptionFile.Package.Rd R.oo/man/equals.BasicObject.Rd R.oo/man/throw.Exception.Rd R.oo/man/as.character.Exception.Rd R.oo/man/extend.Rd R.oo/man/compile.Rdoc.Rd R.oo/man/getAuthor.Package.Rd R.oo/man/getExamplePath.Package.Rd R.oo/man/getPackageNameOf.Rdoc.Rd R.oo/man/isProtected.Class.Rd R.oo/man/setConstructorS3.Rd R.oo/man/as.character.Interface.Rd R.oo/man/finalize.Object.Rd R.oo/man/isKeyword.Rdoc.Rd R.oo/man/getEnvironment.Package.Rd R.oo/man/getDate.Package.Rd R.oo/man/DOLLARLT_-.Object.Rd R.oo/man/objectSize.Rd R.oo/man/print.BasicObject.Rd R.oo/man/as.character.Package.Rd R.oo/man/check.Rdoc.Rd R.oo/man/InternalErrorException.Rd R.oo/man/getLastException.Exception.Rd R.oo/man/attach.Object.Rd R.oo/man/isStatic.Class.Rd R.oo/man/gc.Object.Rd R.oo/man/isBeingCreated.Class.Rd R.oo/man/RccViolationException.Rd R.oo/man/getContribUrl.Package.Rd R.oo/man/getKnownSubclasses.Class.Rd R.oo/man/DOLLAR.Object.Rd R.oo/man/getTitle.Package.Rd R.oo/man/isDeprecated.Class.Rd R.oo/man/getFields.Interface.Rd R.oo/man/equals.Rd R.oo/man/getRdTitle.Rdoc.Rd R.oo/man/getName.Package.Rd R.oo/man/getBundlePackages.Package.Rd R.oo/man/getInternalAddress.Object.Rd R.oo/man/getName.Class.Rd R.oo/man/showHowToCite.Package.Rd R.oo/man/printStackTrace.Exception.Rd R.oo/man/as.character.Class.Rd R.oo/man/methodsInheritedFrom.Rdoc.Rd R.oo/man/Non-documented_objects.Rd

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