Class: The Class class describes an Object class

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Package: R.oo
Class Class


Directly known subclasses:

public static class Class
extends Object

The Class class describes an Object class. First of all, this class is most commonly used internally and neither the end user nor the programmer need to no about the class Class.


Class(name=NULL, constructor=NULL)



Name of the class.


Constructor (function) of any Object class.


The class Class describes the Object class or one of its subclasses. All classes and constructors created by setConstructorS3() will be of class Class. Its methods provide ways of accessing static fields and static methods. Its print() method will print detailed information about the class and its fields and methods.

Fields and Methods


$ -
$<- -
.DollarNames -
.subset2Internal -
[[ -
[[<- -
argsToString Gets the arguments of a function as a character string.
as.character Returns a short string describing the class.
forName Gets a Class object by a name of a class.
getDetails Lists the fields and methods of a class.
getFields Returns the field names of a class.
getKnownSubclasses Gets all subclasses that are currently loaded.
getMethods Returns the method names of class and its super classes.
getName Gets the name of the class.
getPackage Gets the package to which the class belongs.
getRdDeclaration Gets the class declaration in Rd format.
getRdHierarchy Gets the class hierarchy in Rd format.
getRdMethods Gets the methods of a class in Rd format.
getStaticInstance Gets the static instance of this class.
getSuperclasses Gets the super classes of this class.
isAbstract Checks if a class is abstract or not.
isBeingCreated Checks if a class is currently being initiated initiated.
isDeprecated Checks if a class is deprecated or not.
isPrivate Checks if a class is defined private or not.
isProtected Checks if a class is defined protected or not.
isPublic Checks if a class is defined public or not.
isStatic Checks if a class is static or not.
newInstance Creates a new instance of this class.
print Prints detailed information about the class and its fields and methods.

Methods inherited from Object:
$, $<-, [[, [[<-, as.character, attach, attachLocally, clearCache, clearLookupCache, clone, detach, equals, extend, finalize, getEnvironment, getFieldModifier, getFieldModifiers, getFields, getInstantiationTime, getStaticInstance, hasField, hashCode, ll, load, names, objectSize, print, save


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